Duckman: Season One and Two

A cartoon based on the premise of a duck being a detective. Odd, but full of possibilities. Duckman (played by Jason Alexander) is a mixture of several different well-known detectives of the past such as Inspector Clouseau and Joe Friday. He has his very own sidekick named Cornfed (played by Gregg Berger), who is actually the brains behind the detective. This is not a cartoon meant for youngins as there are plenty of on the edge and offensive type jokes in it. This is one dirty duck as he has the mouth of a sailor, thinks about sex 24/7 and is always getting into trouble. Definitely a cult type cartoon aimed at a specific audience.

Season One:
Episode 1: I, Duckman: Duckman, who is feeling generally underappreciated, tries to figure out something to be remembered for.

Episode 2: T.V. or Not To Be: Duckman is a skeptic about the Home Miracle Network until he experiences one of his own.

Episode 3: Gripes of Wrath: Duckman's comment at a supercomputer unveiling makes the world a better place.

Episode 4: Psyche: Feeling a little unattractive, Duckman decides to get a bill job.

Episode 5: Gland of Opportunity: By transplant Duckman gets the adrenal gland of a daredevil and becomes fearless.

Episode 6: Ride the High School: Duckman receives a letter offering his son Ajax (voiced by Dweezil Zappa) the opportunity to go to a boarding school for gifted kids.

Episode 7: A Civil War: Duckman is jealous when everyone pays more attention to Cornfed.

Episode 8: Not So Easy Riders: Duckman is given 24 hours by IRS to pay off his back taxes.

Episode 9: It's a Thing of the Principal: Duckman worries about Ajax who is not eating and has been sent to the Principal's office every day this week.

Episode 10: Cellar Beware: Bernice (voiced by Tasia Valenza) insists that they do something as a family.

Episode 11: American Dick: Duckman gets a case and it's to find the mayor.

Episode 12: About Face: Duckman calls 911 and falls in love with the voice.

Episode 13: Joking the Chicken: A bunch of comedians hire Duckman to stop a chicken comedian with a clean act.

Season Two:
Episode 1: Papa Oom M.O.W. M.O.W.: As he is trying to grab the butts of a couple of women, Duckman ends up saving the President (voiced by Kerry McCluggage).

Episode 2: Married Alive: Bernice announces she is getting married to a billionaire.

Episode 3: Days of Whining and Neurosis: Duckman and Cornfed go undercover at a celebrity health spa.

Episode 4: Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial: Duckman is put on trial in a small town for being a heretic.

Episode 5: America the Beautiful: Duckman and Cornfed try to find out what happened to a model named America.

Episode 6: The Germ Turns: At a New Age fair Duckman meets his mother who has been reincarnated as a germ.

Episode 7: In the Name of the Father: A son that Cornfed never knew he had arrives at the office.

Episode 8: Research and Destroy: Ajax's skill at poetry makes him popular.

Episode 9: Clip Job: Duckman is kidnapped by a viewer of his show who finds him immoral.

Special Features: What the Hell Are You Staring At?

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