Eastbound and Down: The Complete First Season

Kenny Powers (played by Danny McBride) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher, who used to have it all and is now out of the game and broke. He has had to move back to his hometown of Shelby County, North Carolina and lives with his brother (played by John Hawkes) and his family. Powers has taken a job as the gym teacher at the middle school he used to attend.

At the school he runs into his former high school girlfriend (played by Katy Mixon), who he tries to get with, but she is engaged to the principal (played by Andrew Daly) at the school. Over-the-top, crass, always inappropriate, but always entertaining sums up Kenny Powers. HBO has created a redneck character we can all like or at least laugh at.

Episode 1: Chapter 1: Broke and out of baseball, former Major League pitcher Kenny Powers has to come back home to North Carolina to teach gym at the middle school he attended.

Episode 2: Chapter 2: Kenny tries to become a spokesman for a local car dealership.

Episode 3: Chapter 3: Kenny becomes serious about making it back to the Major Leagues as a pitcher.

Episode 4: Chapter 4: Stevie (played by Steve Little) makes a highlight reel of Kenny's biggest moments as a pitcher in the hopes that some professional team will give him a tryout.

Episode 5: Chapter 5: Kenny decides that it is time to give up his dream of returning to the Major Leagues.

Episode 6: Chapter 6: Kenny gets an offer from a team and has to leave his family and job.

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