Emergency: Season Three

I know that television shows about cops or firefighters seem like the popular ones, but during the 1970s Emergency was a hit about the lives on the job of paramedics. These men are shown to risk their lives and save lives just as much as policemen and firefighters on the job in the busy city of Los Angeles. It was the first show to shed some light on how EMT workers, firefighters and the police work together to keep us protected.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Frequency: Four paramedic teams are forced to use the same radio frequency and this creates a bit of chaos. A battle between two rival motorcycle gangs means a busy day for the hospital.

Episode 2: The Old Engine: Paramedics John Gage (Randolph Mantooth – appeared in episodes of One Life to Live and As The World Turns) and Roy De Soto (Kevin Tighe – from television's Lost) buy a 1932 fire engine. Two women discover they are married to the same man.

Episode 3: Alley Cat: Gage finds himself taking care of a litter of kittens. Nurse Dixie McCall (Julie London – appeared in episodes of Rawhide and Michael Shayne) has to deal with family issues when she has to tell a young girl her father has died.

Episode 4: An English Visitor: Gage and De Soto have to take a visiting English fireman under their wings. A police officer is hurt by a Molotov cocktail.

Special Features:
-Previews of Miami Vice, Northern Exposure, The Office, Murder, She Wrote, Saturday Night Live, House, and Columbo

Disc Two:
Episode 5: Heavyweight: Dr. Brackett (Robert Fuller – appeared in episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and JAG) is tested when he tries to convince a pregnant woman to keep her deformed child.

Episode 6: Snakebite: One of the paramedics is bitten by a snake during a mountain rescue.

Episode 7: The Promotion: De Soto considers a promotion that would preclude him being a paramedic. A heavy fog makes driving on a freeway very dangerous.

Episode 8: Insomnia: Gage goes through a bout of insomnia. A drug case, a man trapped under his truck and someone buried alive keeps everyone busy.

Episode 9: Inheritance Tax: Gage and De Soto inherit a lot of money. Dr. Brackett is accused of overcharging.

Disc Three:
Episode 10: Zero: TV crews trying to get a story make the paramedics uncomfortable. Dr. Brackett and Dr. Early (Bobby Troup – appeared in episodes of Simon & Simon and Fantasy Island) have to convince parents that their son tried to commit suicide.

Episode 11: The Promise: Gage is given a dog by someone he rescued. A man tries to euthanize his friend by injecting him with heroin.

Episode 12: Body Language: A teenager is sick because they ate daffodil bulbs. Many are in danger of poisoning when a crop-duster crashes his plane.

Episode 13: Understanding: Everyone tries to rescue a horse trapped inside a burning barn. The staff at the hospital tries to find a teenage girl who called threatening to commit suicide.

Episode 14: Computer Error: Dr. Early will not order x-rays for a teenage girl he thinks is pregnant. Gage tries to get a credit card error corrected.

Disc Four:
Episode 15: Inferno: Gage and De Soto try to save a fellow firefighter trapped under a tractor during a forest fire.

Episode 16: Messin' Around: Gage is the victim of practical jokes on a day where he is busy saving a worker buried alive, finding a friend in a coma and rescuing a child from a tree.

Episode 17: Fools: An intern doubts the skills of the paramedics.

Episode 18: How Green Was My Thumb?: The paramedics try to save a senior who has swallowed his teeth, a child who has fallen from a cliff and the plants of a widow.

Disc Five:
Episode 19: The Hard Hours: Dr. Early is a patient after he has open-heart surgery.

Episode 20: Floor Brigade: Gage and De Soto think about starting a business, but their regular job keeps getting in the way.

Episode 21: Propinquity: A gambler refuses to be treated until his game is over and Gage is forced to play his last hand for him.

Episode 22: Inventions: The entire squad takes part in a competition involving trying to invent new firefighting tools.

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