Entourage: The Complete Fifth Season

Ah, the popular television series about a guy and his pals. In the fifth season, actor Vincent (played by Adrian Grenier) is professionally disappointed so he tries to bury his sadness in booze and women in Mexico. Eric (played by Kevin Connolly), Johnny Drama (played by Kevin Dillon), Ari (played by Jeremy Piven), and Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara) have to figure out how to get their meal ticket back on the proverbial horse. When he finally comes around he finds out that many of his bridges are burnt.

Full of celebrity guest stars (Jason Patrick, Seth Green, Mark Wahlberg, Eric Roberts, Stellan Skarsgard, and Leighton Meester) and not just fillers, this season is more intoxicating than ever. Hollywood really seems like life in the fast lane, indeed, with this series.

Episode 1: Fantasy Island: Vince goes to Mexico with Turtle after his Oscar bid fails horribly.

Episode 2: Unlike a Virgin: Drama continues his relationship with Jacqueline (played by Julia Levy-Boeken).

Episode 3: The All Out Fall Out: To not have to declare bankruptcy, Vince agrees to make an appearance at a Sweet 16 party.

Episode 4: Fire Sale: Johnny Drama gets ready for his guest spot on The View.

Episode 5: Tree Trippers: Lloyd (played by Rex Lee) helps Ari out in his time of need.

Episode 6: ReDOMption: Desperate Turtle becomes Drama's personal assistant.

Episode 7: Gotta Look Up to Get Down: Ari takes advantage of a funeral to advance the career of his client.

Episode 8: First Class Jerk: Ari is distracted and a rival agent begins to try to woo Vince.

Episode 9: Pie: Vince and the rest of the crew start working on a film called "Smoke Jumpers".

Episode 10: Seth Green Day: Eric and Charlie (played by Bow Wow) get into trouble after Seth Green returns.

Episode 11: Play'n With Fire: Turtle starts dating Jamie Lyn Sigler.

Episode 12: Return to Queens Blvd: All the guys go back to New York for a visit.

Special Features: Celebrity Factor

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