Epic Movie: Unrated

Many films through the ages have taken it upon themselves to make fun of contemporary big budget films as the basis for making a completely new film. Two of the six writers of "Scary Movie" (which was a satire of horror films) decided to make another satire based on epic films. So films like Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Borat, Nacho Libre, The Da Vinci Code, and X-Men are used as fodder for laughter. It is not that I am totally against this idea as these big-budget films are usually inherently ridiculous due to their overkill, but it is a delicate thing to mock, but not become too silly. Directors Jason Friedberg (Date Movie) and Aaron Seltzer (Date Movie) show no insight about going too far to get a laugh; they will do anything and everything.

Four orphans, Edward (Kal Penn – The Namesake, A Lot Like Love), Lucy (Jayma Mays – Flags of Our Fathers, Red Eye), Peter (Adam Campbell – Date Movie), and Susan (Faune A. Chambers – White Chicks, Like Mike), have all won a contest which gets them into the magical chocolate factory, but it soon turns into a nightmare as they realize that they are not being allowed to leave. They manage to escape through a large wardrobe in one of the rooms which brings them to a magical world. They soon discover that they are no better off in this world of magic as it is a dangerous place due to the evil White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge – Click, Legally Blonde). They team up with the inhabitants to wage war against the White Bitch.

A lack of originality/creativity really has begun to hamper these Movies (Date, Scary, etc.). It seems to be the same jokes in every film now made with nothing new to say. For a film that is supposed to make you laugh I don't think I did genuinely laugh during the whole film. Just maybe once or twice at the stupidity of it, but not due to the story or any of the scenes. It is the type of film you will find yourself uncontrollably talking about to your friends, but in a way that illustrates how humans do not seem to want to suffer alone. When we talk about it the conversation usually begins with something along the lines of "Can you believe how stupid Epic Movie was?!". Another annoying thing about these films is that if you have seen the trailer then you've seen all the (supposed) funny scenes and there really is not reason to see the whole film. Why do they do that? This was a question I found myself asking a lot while watching this film.

Special Features:
-Breaking Wind: An Epic Journey into the Sounds of an Epic Movie
-How Gratuitous
-Everyone Loves Beaver: Epic Hook-Ups
-Making the Video: Lazy Pirate Day
-Alternate ending
-Epic Porn – What Would Your Porno Movie be Called?
-What Makes Aslo so Irresistible?
-Hot or Not: Character Turn On's and Turn Off's
-Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Spoof
-Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Fred Willard
-Die Libre: The Winning Short from the Epic Movie Viral Video Contest
-Reno 911!: Miami trailer

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