Friday the 13th: Part V – A New Beginning – Deluxe Edition

When are they going to learn that Jason is never dead? That he will always return. That everyone should stay away from Crystal Lake and sleep with one eye open. Back from the grave vicious serial killer Jason Voorhees continues on his reign of terror!

Young Tommy Jarvis (John Sheperd – Bless the Child, The Hunt for Red October) is still haunted by his memories of Jason and what went on the last night he saw him. Not able to cope, Tommy is transferred to a halfway home for young adults. Quiet and skittish, Tommy keeps mostly to himself.

Some gruesome murders start happening in and around the halfway home. It seems to everyone that Jason Voorhees has returned to continue on murdering ways. As the number of bodies start piling up, Tommy begins to question whether he has become the killer who haunts his dreams.

Typical 80s slasher films with naked young bodies, plenty of blood, that cheesy but creepy music, and murders happening in dark and remote places. The formula is followed to a T in this flick. There is a little twist at the end, but if you are a fan then you know what you're getting into and will enjoy it.

Special Features:
-Lost Tales From Camp Blood – Part 5
-The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited Part II
-New Beginnings: The Making of Friday the 13th: Part V A New Beginning
-Original Theatrical Trailer
-Preview for The Uninvited

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