Futurama: Bender’s Big Score

Apparently this television series has more lives than your average cat. Despite the fact that it was cancelled it lives on! This is the first in a reported series of four feature length films starring the characters from the show.

It is typical Matt Groening stuff with plenty of bright colours, odd characters and sarcastic humour. Bottom line is that if you liked the series then you will enjoy this as it is just as ridiculous.

The film features the return of many characters and cool cameos. Check out the cameo by former Vice President Al Gore playing himself!

It is just before Christmas 3007 when a group of evil nudist alien telemarketers plot to steal Earth's most important historical objects. Through some evil e-mails the aliens take control of the robot Bender and send him time traveling through history to confront the likes of Al Gore, Sarah Silverman and Coolio. How will Bender be stopped from stealing all of Earth's priceless historic treasures…you know that this oddball gang will figure out a way.

Special Features:
-Futurama Returns! A Live Comic Book Reading by The Futurama Cast
-Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. A spellbinding episode of the future's most popular tv program!
-Deleted storyboard scenes
-A Terrifying Message from Al Gore. Animated Promo for An Inconvenient Truth
-Bite My Shiny Metal X. A mind-shattering futurama math lecture!
-3D Models/3D Turnarounds
-Bender's Big Score. The original first draft of the script. Spot the differences, Meatbag!
-New Characters/Design Sketches
-Original 5-Minute Comic-Con Promo

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