Futurama: Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

Having definitely found a niche beyond the Simpsons' monstrous fanbase, Futurama delivers quick-witted, off-kilter humour. There is a a growing and loyal fanbase that are as devoted to the show as many are to the Simpsons. This DVD is a mini release of 4 favourite episodes chosen by executive producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Episodes inclue 'Hell is Other Robots', 'Anthology of Interest I', 'Roswell That Ends Well', and 'The Sting'.

The Emmy Award-winning sci-fi comedy has many great moments throughout the 4 twisted episodes. The characters all have great identities and sarcastic wit. The stories are far fetched and ludacrous, adding to the funny and bent jokes. Not quite as continually as funny as Simpsons, futurama holds its own with its unique style of humour that safely distances itself away from its comic bretheren.

Episode Synopse:

Hell is Other Robots: Bender puts his sinful lifestyle behind him when he joins the Temple of Robotology. But after returning to his old ways, he is banished to Robot Hell where, in a musical extravaganza, he faces the Robot Devil and endures tortures unimaginable to man.

Anthology of Interest I: The Professor's 'what-If' machine simulates Bender, Leela, and Fry's wishes: Bender turns into a giant robot; Leela impulsively murders her friends; ex-Vice President Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Gary Gygax, and Nichelle Nichols come to the rescue when Fry inadvertently opens a rip in the the space-time continuum.

Rosewell That Ends Well: In this Emmy-winning episode, the Planet Express ship travels through time to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and Fry becomes his own progeny.

The Sting: A killer bee sting sends Leela on a long, strange trip.


Introductions for every episode by most of the cast
Animatic with commentary of 'Hell is Other Robots'
Easter egg

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