Genesis: When in Rome 2007

One of the biggest groups from the 70s and 80s, Genesis (like many other bands seem to be doing lately) got back together, or at least Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks did, for a world tour in 2007. You would have to think that this might be the last kick at the can for these guys as they are getting up there in age and they are no longer together as a band. So this might be your last chance to see Genesis together for a full tour.

Throughout the tour in 2007 the band won rave reviews for their shows everywhere. Watching the DVD you will realize what a great catalogue the band has with hits from 4 decades. Genesis has always been known for the technical side to their shows and the lights, video and sound on this tour did not disappoint. The stage is oddly shaped and massive. You also see the camaraderie between the three men that is not always there with other bands. They play with passion and a tightness that money cannot buy.

The show was filmed in front of 500,000 fans at a free show the band did in Rome and these guys know how to entertain. This 3-disc set is a nice farewell gift for their longtime fans.

01. Duke's Intro
02. Turn It On Again
03. No Son Of Mine
04. Land Of Confusion
05. In The Cage (including excerpts from In The Cage, Cinema Show and Duke's
06. Afterglow
07. Hold On My Heart
08. Home By The Sea
09. Follow You Follow Me
10. Firth Of Fifth (excerpt)
11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
12. Mama
13. Ripples
14. Throwing It All Away
15. Domino
16. Conversations With 2 Stools
17. Los Endos
18. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (excerpt)
19. Invisible Touch
20. I Can't Dance
21. Carpet Crawlers

Special Features: Bring the Pitch Down Like Elton, Come Rain or Shine, Behind-the-Scenes, tour Program Gallery, Photo Gallery, Deleted Scenes

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