Get Smart: Season 3

Maxwell Smart (played by Don Adams), Agent 99 (played by Barbara Feldon), The Chief (played by Edward Platt), Fang, and the whole crew are back for season three of the television series about hapless agent Maxwell Smart. Everyone loved this spy spoof show in which every week Smart and Agent 99 face off against the evil organization KAOS. This season features guest appearances by Don Rickles, Carol Burnett and Johnny Carson.

Episode 1: Viva Smart: Maxwell and Agent 99 have to travel to San Saludas to help free the daughter of the President of San Saludas who is being held prisoner by General Pajarito.

Episode 2: Witness for the Persecution: KAOS will stop at nothing in their effort to stop Maxwell from testifying against their Agent Elwood Tudbury.

Episode 3: The Spy Who Met Himself: KAOS has duplicates of all CONTROL agents and will replace them in an effort to get their hands on the plans for a warhead.

Episode 4: The Spirit is Willing: Maxwell's new informer promises to give him some evidence that will allow for the capture of one of KAOS's top leaders.

Episode 5: Maxwell Smart, Private Eye: Due to cutbacks everyone takes on extra jobs.

Episode 6: Supersonic Boom: KAOS attacks CONTROL headquarters with a sonic boom.

Episode 7: One of Our Olives is Missing: A star country singer swallows an olive that is really a KAOS transmitter.

Episode 8: When Good Fellows Get Together: KAOS builds the world's strongest robot.

Episode 9: Dr. Yes: Maxwell and Agent 99 try to figure out who is sabotaging missile launches.

Episode 10: That Old Gang of Mine: Maxwell is asked by the British division of CONTROL to go undercover for them.

Episode 11: The Mild Ones: While Maxwell is guarding the Prime Minister of a foreign country he is kidnapped and CONTROL believes a motorcycle gang called "Purple Knights" is behind it.

Episode 12: Classification: Dead: A female KAOS agent has poisoned Maxwell and he has to hurry to find the antidote.

Episode 13: The Mysterious Dr. T: A shocking revelation comes out after one of CONTROL's top scientists dies.

Episode 14: The King Lives?: Maxwell has to impersonate King Charles in order to foil a KAOS assassination attempt.

Episode 15: The Groovy Guru: Maxwell and Agent 99 hunt down The Groovy Guru (played by Larry Storch) after his teenage fans seem to all be turning into zombies.

Episode 16: The Little Black Book, Part 1: A female KAOS defector gives Maxwell a little black book with the names of all KAOS agents.

Episode 17: The Little Black Book, Part 2: Not realizing that Maxwell is a spy, Maxwell's friend Sid (played by Don Rickles) has given the little black book back to KAOS.

Episode 18: Don't Look Back: Maxwell is framed by KAOS and charged with robbery and murder.

Episode 19: 99 Loses Control: Agent 99 feels she has no future with either Maxwell or CONTROL so she accepts the proposal of a wealthy man (played by Jacques Bergerac).

Episode 20: The Wax Max: Maxwell and Agent 99 are trying to enjoy their day off at a local amusement park not knowing that the park is a drop off point for KAOS.

Episode 21: Operation Ridiculous: Weeknews is doing a story on CONTROL and want to follow Maxwell and Agent 99 around on an assignment.

Episode 22: Spy, Spy, Birdie: Albert Pfister (played by Percy Helton) plans to blow up the world using his silent explosive.

Episode 23: Run, Robot, Run: KAOS injures some U.S. athletes and disrupts an international track meet in the process.

Episode 24: The Hot Line: The Chief is relieved of his duties by phone by a man impersonating the President.

Episode 25: Die, Spy: A spoof episode of the television series "I Spy".

Episode 26: The Reluctant Redhead: CONTROL attempts to get their hands on a file that contains the names of all KAOS agents and informers.

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