Get Smart: The Complete Series

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is the original television version of Get Smart. It isn't. In many ways. This is the version that came out in 1995 with the two original leads (what were they thinking?) and Andy Dick. The show, thankfully, only lasted 7 episodes and I'm beginning to think that this is the origins of Andy Dick's substance abuse problems. Oh, the shame! Thank God they recently came out with a theatrical remake of the series that was good and did not leave this as our last memory of the show.

Episode 1: Get Smart: The evil group Kaos is back and they will settle for nothing less than world domination.

Episode 2: Casino Evil: A man who is making a phone call to Maxwell (played by Don Adams) telling him the identity of the people after him is killed before he can relay that important information.

Episode 3: Goodbye Ms. Chip: In order to try and recover a stolen disc, Zack (played by Andy Dick) and Agent 66 (played by Elaine Hendrix) break into a test lab.

Episode 4: Shooting Up the Charts: Thinking they can relax for an evening Agent 66 and Zack go to a concert only to discover that the rock star has been electrocuted.

Episode 5: Passenger 99: Kaos has hired an assassin to kill Congresswoman 99 (played by Barbara Feldon) and Minister Vanapopo of Ponatungo (played by Keone Young).

Episode 6: Wurst Enemies: The President 'grounds' Maxwell because he feels it is too dangerous for him out in the field.

Episode 7: Liver Let Die: Zack and Agent 66 try to find out why Kaos has bought 10 hospitals recently.

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