Ghost: Special Collector’s Edition

Sam (Patrick Swayze – Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse) and Molly (Demi Moore – Bobby, G.I. Jane) have just moved into a beautiful loft. Things are going well as Sam, an investment banker, has just got a promotion at work and Molly's pottery is selling. After a night out at the theatre, Sam and Molly are walking home when they are held up. Sam resists and is shot. Tragically he dies, but somehow his spirit is still there able to roam around New York. He realizes that his death wasn't accidental and decides to investigate. No one can hear or see Sam but Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg – Girl, Interrupted, Sister Act), a sketchy psychic. Oda Mae is tormented by Sam's voice and tries to ignore him. He does not let her as Sam realizes that the only way that he can get Molly to understand that she is still in danger is through Oda Mae. Using Oda Mae and his ability to walk around without being seen, Sam begins to investigate his own murder and when he finds out who it is he realizes that Molly is in even more trouble than he first thought. He and Oda Mae have to figure out a way to get her to believe that Sam's spirit is still around so he can warn her.

This is one of those romances that seemed to strike a chord with everyone who watched it. It was a huge hit in 1990 when it was released. The film won a Best Supporting Oscar Award for Whoopi Goldberg, made pottery wheels as foreplay acceptable and made the Righteous Brothers' song "Unchained Melody" a hit again. Jerry Zucker (Airplane, Ruthless People) directed a film that made people laugh during its comedic moments and cry during its romantic ones. What more could you ask for? The romance parts are not too schmaltzy and the comedy is not allowed to take over. Besides managing the script well, Zucker does not make too many missteps with the film. The casting is excellent. The onscreen chemistry between the two leads is palpable and makes the profoundness of their love believable. Moore and Swayze, though their careers have both slipped since – this was them in their heydays, make a good couple. The score by Maurice Jarre (Dead Poets Society, Fatal Attraction) is above average. The cinematography is beautiful with Adam Greenberg (Snakes on a Plane, Rush Hour) making Demi Moore's tears look like a work of art. All in all it is a fairly solid film. It is the type of film you can watch over and over and not get bored of. Love beyond death is a movie theme that filmgoers love and Ghost was no different.

Special Features:
-Ghost Stories: The Making of a Classic
-Inside the Paranormal
-Alchemy of a Love Story
-Cinema's Great Romances
-Theatrical trailer
-Photo gallery
-Previews of Titanic: Special Collector's Edition, The Last Kiss and Dreamgirls

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