Ghost Whisperer: The Fourth Season

The saying goes "To each his own" and this television series is a perfect example of that. I don't see its popularity. It is really rather hokey and poorly acted. But people love it and it stays on. The uplifting and inspirational aspect of the show must have struck a chord with people. It cannot be Jennifer Love Hewitt's acting that keeps folks tuned in. This season shocked many of its longtime fans as it changed direction a little to become a little less wholesome and edgier. That is an improvement in my books.

Episode 1: Firestarter: Melinda (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) becomes friends with Eli (played by Jamie Kennedy) and realizes that they both have the same abilities.

Episode 2: Big Chills: When one of her high school friends dies unexpectedly, Melinda has a reunion of sorts with the others.

Episode 3: Ghost in the Machine: Melinda discovers that a ghost is haunting girls from Ned's (played by Christoph Sanders) online gaming community.

Episode 4: Save Our Souls: Melinda and Jim (played by David Conrad) go away on a romantic cruise.

Episode 5: Bloodline: Melinda realizes that the ghost of a female high school athlete is following a family that is not hers.

Episode 6: Imaginary Friends & Enemies: While at a friend of Jim's wedding it is up to Melinda to calm the ghosts that are causing havoc.

Episode 7: Threshold: Melinda undergoes some big changes in her personal life.

Episode 8: Heart & Soul: Melinda tries to help a man with amnesia recover his memories.

Episode 9: Pieces of You: Melinda finds out the secret behind a girl's disappearance of 12 years.

Episode 10: Ball & Chain: Melinda has to help a ghost come to terms with her marriage in order for her to cross over.

Episode 11: Life on the Line: After a bizarre accident Melinda helps a family in distress.

Episode 12: This Joint's Haunted: Melinda goes on a road trip with Sam and has to face her greatest fear.

Episode 13: Body of Water: Grandview undergoes a mass haunting after a mass grave is discovered.

Episode 14: Slow Burn: Melinda helps the ghost of a mother with a dark secret.

Episode 15: Greek Tragedy: Sam (played by Kenneth Mitchell) rethinks his relationship with Melinda after her realizes she has lied to him.

Episode 16: Ghost Busted: After giving Sam a gift his reaction is not one Melinda expected.

Episode 17: Delusion of Grandview: Sam tries to help Melinda figure out what is going on before someone in a kindergarten class gets hurt.

Episode 18: Leap of Faith: Sam finds he has a lot in common with a mechanic that used to be a high powered businessman.

Episode 19: Thrilled to Death: A young girl in Eli's apartment is being haunted.

Episode 20: Stage Fright: A television show that is being filmed in Grandview town square is having problems with ghosts.

Episode 21: Cursed: Melinda tries to deal with spirits trapped in a doll house.

Episode 22: Endless Love: Melinda has her hands full while planning her wedding and trying to help a young woman who is having trouble with some vampires.

Episode 23: Book of Changes: Melinda questions whether she can protect her child after a ghost visits her.

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