Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season

This is senior year and the drama is amped up to full gear. Relationships start and end, scandals erupt and alliances are formed. In other words, it's more of everything we love about Gossip Girl.

Episode 1: Summer, Kind of Wonderful: Blair returns from summer vacation with a new boyfriend and Chuck is jealous.

Episode 2: Never Been Marcused: Nate and Serena get closer.

Episode 3: The Dark Night: Serena and Dan are trapped in an elevator together which forces them to work out their issues.

Episode 4: The Ex-Files: Blair and her 'posse' interview some potential new members to the clique.

Episode 5: The Serena Also Rises: Lily tries to figure out what the secret is Bart has been hiding from her.

Episode 6: New Haven Can Wait: Blair, Serena, Dan, Nate and Chuck take a trip to check out Yale.

Episode 7: Chuck in Real Life: After Vanessa tries to blackmail Blair, Blair seeks revenge by convincing Chuck to seduce Vanessa.

Episode 8: Pret-a-Poor-J: Blair tries to seduce Chuck but it is not as easy as she first thought.

Episode 9: There Might be Blood: Jenny and Agnes plan a fashion show with the hopes of jumpstarting Jenny's fashion career.

Episode 10: Bonfire of the Vanity: Blair does not want her mother to be seeing Cyrus Rose so she tries to sabotage their relationship at every opportunity.

Episode 11: The Magnificent Archibalds: Eric finds out a secret about Bart.

Episode 12: It's a Wonderful Lie: Chuck and Blair make a bet concerning each finding the perfect date for the other to attend the Snowflake Ball with.

Episode 13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?: A tragedy occurs that affects everyone's life.

Episode 14: In the Realm of the Basses: Chuck has been missing since his father's funeral and so Uncle Jack arrives to try to help find him.

Episode 15: Gone with the Will: Bart's will is read and Chuck is now the CEO of Bass Industries.

Episode 16: You've Got Yale: The students find out who is getting early admission to Yale.

Episode 17: Carnal Knowledge: Chuck wakes up in a hotel and has no idea how he got there or what happened to him.

Episode 18: The Age of Dissonance: The seniors put on the play "The Age of Innocence".

Episode 19: The Grandfather: Lily and Rufus, in order to be completely honest with each other, agree to give each other the complete list of their lovers.

Episode 20: Remains of the J: Serena plans to throw Jenny a small sweet 16 birthday party but it is made into a huge affair when Poppy Lifton gets involved.

Episode 21: Seder Anything: Dan gets a job so he can earn money for college.

Episode 22: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Chuck and Nate's friendship becomes precarious when they both admit they are interested in Blair.

Episode 23: The Wrath of Con: Lily secretly tries to help Rufus with Dan's college tuition.

Episode 24: Valley Girls: It's a flashback to the 80s.

Episode 25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl: Lily and Rufus hit a rough patch in their relationship after Lily's betrayal.

Special Features: Gag Reel, Unaired Scenes, 5th Ave. Meets Gossip Girl: Click Icons on a Graphic Map and Tour the Gossip Girl Crowd's Favorite Haunts, Gossip Girl: Faces Behind the Design, Creative Forces Behind the Show's Art and Fashion, Chasing Dorota Webisodes

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