Hannah Montana: The Movie – Blu-ray Edition

The Miley Cyrus craze continues with the teen popstar hitting the big screen with her film Hannah Montana. Based on the television show with the same title, Miley and her singing sensation persona Hannah Montana struggle to enjoy fame yet still trying to be a normal teenager.

Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) sure has a hectic life. While trying to maintain relationships with family and friends in her regular daily life, she's busy putting on concerts and getting into cat fights with the likes of Tyra Banks over designer shoes. Noting that things are out of control, her Dad Robby Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) insists they take a trip to their hometown Crowley Corners, Tennessee so she can reconnect with other family members and realize what is really most important in life. She reluctantly agrees and while she's there, Miley gets to live a more simple existence and reconnects with a past crush Travis Brody (Lucas Till). Things get really complicated when a sleazy tabloid photographer threatens to expose her double life.

During the red carpet interviews at this year's Oscars, Miley Cyrus briefly spoke about the film and said that her film is a lot deeper than people would expect. While it was challenging to find the depth that she was referring to, the film was light and entertaining for the type of film that it is. With so many tv shows and movies containing negative images and messages geared towards younger crowds, it is nice to see such a film that many young girls and their families can enjoy watching together. The song and dance numbers were cute too.

Special Features:
-The HoeDown ThrowDown Home experience
-The Hannah Montana Store
-7 Music Videos
-Find Your Way Back Home
-Production 101: Jackson Style
-Deleted Scenes with Director Commentary
-BD Radio Disney