Hawaii Five-0: The Fourth Season

Steve McGarrett (played by Jack Lord) is the head of an elite crime fighting unit in Hawaii. They tend to get called in when international crimes are involved or assassination attempts are caught wind of.

The show lasted 12 seasons so there is some quality there. The lead actor was good, the scenery is beautiful and plenty of big name stars turn up. If you like cop/detective dramas then tune in.

Episode 1: Highest Castle, Deepest Grave: A case is reopened when an archeological dig unearths two skeletons

Episode 2: No Bottles…No Cans…No People: Hoodlum Johnny Oporta (played by Henry Darrow) gets rid of his enemies and then burns the bodies leaving nothing behind.

Episode 3: Wednesday, Ladies Free: Vic Tanaka (played by Soon-Teck Oh) murders women then makes them up like a former prostitute who is now married.

Episode 4: 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu: A gang has come to Hawaii to try and cash $750,000 in traveler's checks.

Episode 5: Two Doves and Mr. Heron: Ryan Moore (played by John Ritter) steals the key to a locker containing $250,000.

Episode 6: …And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots: Billy Shem Jr. (played by Michael Burns), a Vietnam vet, buys a gun, sits up in a bunker and starts shooting at people.

Episode 7: Air Cargo – Dial for Murder: McGarrett discovers a gang who steals air cargo to sell on the black market.

Episode 8: For a Million…Why Not?: While McGarrett is in Maui at a trial, five citizens band together to steal six million dollars.

Episode 9: The Burning Ice: A husband is the suspect in his wife's murder.

Episode 10: Rest in Peace, Somebody: An ex-cop, who blames the Five-0 for his firing, plots to kill the Governor.

Episode 11: A Matter of Mutual Concern: Four warring gangs of different ethnic backgrounds cause problems for McGarrett.

Episode 12: Nine, Ten – You're Dead: A mob boss wants revenge on a boxer who mangles the hand of a young boxer so he won't have the chance to ruin his life in the ring.

Episode 13: Is This Any Way to Run Paradise?: A series of ecological stunts have McGarrett and his team on the case.

Episode 14: Odd Man In: A convict escapes then plans to steal millions from drug smugglers.

Episode 15: Bait Once, Bait Twice: In order to set her boyfriend up for an assassination attempt a girlfriend attempts suicide.

Episode 16: The Ninety-Second War, Part 1: McGarrett is elaborately framed by Wo Fat (played by Khigh Dhiegh).

Episode 17: The Ninety-Second War, Part 2: McGarrett tries to stop Wo Fat from carrying out his plan.

Episode 18: Skinhead: After a women is raped and beaten a soldier is arrested but McGarrett believes him to be innocent.

Episode 19: While You're At It, Bring in the Moon: An odd billionaire is thought to have offed a business foe.

Episode 20: Cloth of Gold: McGarrett and his team have to figure out who would want three real estate crooks dead.

Episode 21: Good Night Baby – Time to Die!: McGarrett follows the girlfriend of a crook he wants to catch.

Episode 22: Didn't We Meet At Murder?: The murder of a Chicago mobster involves a woman and blackmail.

Episode 23: Follow the White Brick Road: Danno (played by James MacArthur) goes undercover on a Navy ship in order to find out how some sailors are getting heroin into Hawaii.

Episode 24: R&R -&R: A crazy named Ralston (played by Alan Vint) is killing the wives of members of his army unit.

Special Features:
-Network Promos for each episode
-Trailers for Criminal Minds, Jericho and CSI franchise

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