Heroes: Season 2

The runaway television hit of two years ago was the series "Heroes". It was a series that could do no wrong. Like many things in pop culture there was some backlash against during its second season. Everything that the public seemed to enjoy about the series disappeared in the second season. We have to cut the series some slack as season two coincided with the writers' strike in Hollywood. To warn you in advance this season is all about action and special effects with less of an emphasis on story.

If you are out of the loop about the series it deals with a group of people worldwide who discover that they have superpowers. How they deal with the discovery is the basis for the show.

Episode 1: Four Months Later…: Four months after the battle between Sylar (played Zachary Quinto) and Peter (played by Milo Ventimiglia) some new heroes are uncovered.

Episode 2: Lizards: Matt (played by Greg Grunberg) looks into the murder of Mr. Nakamura.

Episode 3: Kindred: Maya (played by Dania Ramirez) liberates Alejandro (played Shalim Ortiz) from a Mexican jail.

Episode 4: The Kindness of Strangers: Angela (played by Cristine Rose) reveals many secrets about herself.

Episode 5: Fight or Flight: A woman named Elle (played by Kristen Bell) is looking for Peter.

Episode 6: The Line: Hiro (played by Masi Oka) does not know what to do about his feelings for Yaeko (played by Eriko Tamura).

Episode 7: Out of Time: Many Heroes work together to fight the Nightmare Man.

Episode 8: Four Months Ago…: The four months that we skipped over are explained.

Episode 9: Cautionary Tales: Matt tries to control his new abilities.

Episode 10: Truth & Consequences: Hiro keeps searching for his father's murderer.

Episode 11: Powerless: Elle tries to make her father proud of her.

Special Features: Behind-The-Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Tekezo Kensei: Sword Saint, The Godfather of the Internet, Genetics of a Scene, Making of Heroes, Alternate Endings, Gallery of Screen Art, Look at Season Three, Storyboards

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