Hotel: The First Season

What The Love Boat did for cruises Hotel did for hotel stays. It was the same premise almost just on land this time. Many guest stars would come on the show stay in the posh St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco and get involved romantically or otherwise. Based on the Arthur Hailey novel this series which ran for five seasons was like a primetime soap opera.

Episode 1: Hotel: Hotel manager Peter McDermott (played by James Brolin) has to deal with several crises all at once. Guest appearances by Bette Davis, Morgan Fairchild and Mel Torme.

Episode 2: Blackout: Christine (played by Connie Selleca) is being stalked, so Peter moves her into the hotel and assigns her a 24-hour bodyguard. Guest appearances by Tracy Nelson.

Episode 3: Choices: The hotel hosts a beauty contest. Guest appearances by Heather Locklear and Connie Stevens.

Episode 4: Charades: Israeli minister Jacob Ben-Goz (played by David Opatoshu) is planning a press conference at the hotel, but he is doing it under threat of assassination. Guest appearances by Dick Van Patten and Robert Vaughn.

Episode 5: Secrets: When an 8-year-old girl (played by Carrie Wells) is sexually assaulted the hotel babysitter, Hank (played by Leigh McCloskey), is accused. Guest appearances by Michelle Phillips.

Episode 6: Relative Loss: Senator Tom Andrews (played by Paul Burke) has a chance to run for president, but his affair with a newswoman (played by Lynn Redgrave) might end that. Guest appearances by Charlene Tilton and Hope Lange.

Episode 7: Flashback: Peter is torn when his ex-wife (played by Cathy Lee Crosby) shows up at the hospital and says she is sober and wants to reconcile. Guest appearances by Ken Kercheval.

Episode 8: Confrontations: A convention of white supremacists bother two older African-Americans staying at the hotel. Guest appearances by Martin Landau and Parker Stevenson.

Episode 9: Faith, Hope & Charity: Nick (played by Scott Baio), the son of a poor family that Mrs. Cabot (played by Anne Baxter) has allowed to stay at the hotel, becomes friends with Donna (played by DeAnna Robbins), the daughter of a rich family. Guest appearances by Michael Constantine.

Episode 10: Deceptions: Hillary (played by Pat Klous) falls for Michael Robson (played by John Davidson) much to the disappointment of Mark (played by Shea Farrell), who has had feelings for her for a long time. Guest appearances by Jean Simmons.

Episode 11: The Offer: The owner of the hotel, Leslie DeVeer (played by Eleanor Parker), wants revenge on Mrs. Cabot. Guest appearances by Lorenzo Lamas, Donald O'Connor and Liberace.

Episode 12: Christmas: Nearing Christmas, a little girl, Lisa (played by Tori Spelling), is convinced that her mother, Susan Walker (played by Karen Grassel), should marry Paul Manning (played by Robert Pine). Guest appearances by Jane Wyatt.

Episode 13: Designs: Fashion designer Nolan Miller (himself) and his show director prepare for a fashion show. Guest appearances by Gary Collins.

Episode 14: Reflections: Lauren Chapman (played by Joanna Pettet) gives her daughter, Darcy (played by Danielle Brisebois), a weekend at the hotel for her birthday and her father, Dr. Frank Chapman (played by John McCook), is invited along. Guest appearances by McLean Stevenson.

Episode 15: Tomorrows: Member of the Scandinavian royalty, Prince Eric (played by Jon-Erik Hexum), meets the Irish maid (played Emma Samms) traveling with a rich family and invites her to the ball. Guest appearances by Adrienne Barbeau and George Lazenby.

Episode 16: Passages: Bill Tillery (played by Ken Howard) is sent to escort back to New York the spoilt daughter (played by Pamela Hensley) of a rich man, but the weather forces them to share a room overnight. Guest appearances by Jose Ferrer and Stacy Keach Sr.

Episode 17: Mistaken Identities: Ed Curwin (played by Steve Kanaly) is worried about his son's (played by Lance Kerwin) manliness, so he sets him up with a prostitute (played by Phyllis Davis) at the hotel. Guest appearances by Tom Smothers.

Episode 18: Wedding: The hotel prepares for the elaborate wedding of Maggie Blackwood (played by Mary Crosby) and Jeff Strider (played by Boyd Gaines). Guest appearances by Robert Stack.

Episode 19: Memories: Jennifer (played by Cassie Yates) and Brad (played by Larry Wilcox) are in town to have her artificially inseminated and over dinner they ask their friend Skip (played by Rod McCary) to be the donor.

Episode 20: Encores: A former girlfriend (played by Jan Smithers) of Peter's tells him that he is the father of her four-year-old son. Guest appearances by Renee Jones and Engelbert Humperdink.

Episode 21: Prisms: Actress Anna Bronti (played by Eva Gabor) meets her former boyfriend, jewel thief Adam Vidocq (played by Louis Jourdan) while wearing the Star of Kasmir necklace. Guest appearances by Morgan Brittany and Markie Post.

Episode 22: Trials: Adele Ellsworth (played by Shelley Winters) and her sons, Luther (played by Gary Frank) and Brandon (played by Gerard Pendergast) hold Peter, Mrs. Cabot and Christine at gunpoint.

Episode 23: Lifelines: Lauren Webb (played by Sally Kellerman) is being blackmailed by movie producer Steve Cutler (played by Mitch Ryan) as he threatens to reveal that she made some softcore porn films when she was younger. Guest appearances by Melissa Sue Anderson and Ted Shackleford.

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