How I Met Your Mother: The Legendary Season 3

I can't imagine that many people's search for their soulmate is or was this interesting. Or funny. Or cool. Ted (played by Josh Radnor) is a 30-year-old guy on a seemingly endless search for Mrs. Right. H goes through many of the wrong type of girl on his way to meeting the love of his life. Guest stars this season include Mandy Moore, Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, and Enrique Iglesias.

Episode 1: Wait For It…: After they have broken up Robin (played by Cobie Smulders) returns from vacation with a hot new boyfriend (played by Enrique Iglesias) which prompts Ted to want to start dating again.

Episode 2: We're Not From Here: Following Gael's lead, Ted and Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) pretend they are foreigners in order to get girls.

Episode 3: The Third Wheel: Ted is overwhelmed by the fact that two women are attracted to him at the same time.

Episode 4: Little Boys: Despite the fact that she does not especially like kids Robin tries dating a single dad.

Episode 5: How I Met Everyone Else: Ted's new girlfriend prompts some of Ted's dirty little secrets from his past to come to light.

Episode 6: I'm Not That Guy: Ted and Barney are trying to find the porn actor with the same name as Ted.

Episode 7: Dowisetrepla: Marshall (played by Jason Segal) and Lily (played by Allison Hannigan) commit error after error while buying their first apartment.

Episode 8: Spoiler Alert: Marshall is preoccupied about finding out what his bar exam results are.

Episode 9: Slapsgiving: Ted and Robin question their friendship when a fight leads to them sleeping together.

Episode 10: The Yips: The whole gang joins a gym, but working out there is a whole different story.

Episode 11: The Platinum Role: Everyone tries to convince Ted that going on a date with the doctor (played by Sarah Chalke) who is removing his tattoo is a big mistake.

Episode 12: No Tomorrow: Spending a crazy St. Patrick's Day with Barney makes Ted reevaluate his life.

Episode 13: Ten Sessions: As Ted is trying to date his dermatologist he is himself being pursued by her receptionist (played by Britney Spears).

Episode 14: The Bracket: Barney has to try and figure out which women he loved and left is now warning other women to stay away from him.

Episode 15: The Chain of Screaming: Marshall begins to question whether he made a mistake taking the job he did.

Episode 16: Sandcastles in the Sand: A teen years boyfriend of Robin suddenly comes back into her life.

Episode 17: The Goat: Ted's thirtieth birthday is approaching and Barney is worried that he broke the 'bro code' because he slept with Robin.

Episode 18: Rebound Bro: Barney tries to adjust to his life without Ted.

Episode 19: Everything Must Go: Barney and Abby try to make Ted's life as miserable as possible.

Episode 20: Miracles: Marshall tries to convince Robin that miracles really do happen.

Special Features: Ted Mosby is a Jerk Audio Track, Robin Sparkles "Sandcastles in the Sand" Music Video, Unrated Gag Reel, "You Just Got Slapped" Music Video

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