Huff: The Complete First Season

Showtime really has hit a homerun with this television series. Dr. Craig 'Huff' Hoffstodt (Hank Azaria) is a married man who lives with his wife (Beth), son (Byrd) and mother (Isabelle – Blythe Danner). He has a successful psychiatric private practice. You might make the mistake of thinking that this television series sounds like another one of those happy, well off family movie of the week types, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Huff's life (professional and personal) is pretty much constantly a mess. His brother, Tim, is a severe schizophrenic who lives in a long term facility, his mother is always interfering in his life and marriage, his father is estranged from him, and his best friend (Russell – Oliver Platt) is a alcoholic, drug using sex addict who is always doing one crazy thing after another. The straw that breaks the camel's back for Huff is when a 15-year-old male patient who he has been helping to accept the fact that he is a homosexual commits suicide in Huff's office by blowing a large hole in his head. Huff is sued for malpractice by the patient's parents and that pretty much starts the downward spiral of his life. Huff is definitely not for the faint of heart. It involves language, drug use, sex scenes and adult situations, but my God is it addictive. If you are a fan of series like Six Feet Under and the like then this should be your ball of yarn. The series has special guest appearances by Lara Flynn Boyle, Bob Saget, Annie Potts, Swoozie Kurtz, and Hal Linden.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: A horrible occurrence happens in Huff's office plus his has to deal with his own family's craziness.

Episode 2: Assault and Pepper: Huff has to go in front of the medical board after the parents of his dead patient sue him.

Episode 3: Lipstick on Your Panties: Huff has to deal with the lawsuit and the hormones of his 14-year-old son, Byrd, at the same time.

Special Features:
-Behind the Therapy featurette

Disc Two:
Episode 4: Control: Beth gets into another fight with Izzy and Huff is worried when one of his patients (Melody) who is bipolar testifies for the parents of the patient that committed suicide.

Episode 5: Flashpants: Huff's estranged father wants him to encourage Izzy to sign divorce papers. Oddly enough Russell has to try and sober up one of his clients.

Episode 6: Is She Dead?: Teddy goes missing after a field trip and Russell takes on a client who is a prostitute that he slept with.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Character by Design featurette
-Lens of Truth featurette
-Previews of Dawson's Creek, Newsradio, TV Action Favorites, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Huff promo

Disc Three:
Episode 7: That Fucking Cabin: Huff and Byrd go out to Huff's dad's cabin to meet with an appraiser and Huff's father ends up showing up. Russell tries to sober up and a client of his ends up dead.

Episode 8: Cold Day in Shanghai: Huff has sexual dreams about Melody and Byrd's friends pressure him to steal medication from his father.

Episode 9: Christmas is Ruined: Beth's family, including her mother who has cancer, arrive for the holidays and test the limits of Huff's Christmas cheer.

Disc Four:
Episode 10: The Good Doctor: Huff is tempted when a young pharmaceutical rep flirts with him. Beth finds something in Izzy's closet that causes her to worry.

Episode 11: The Sample Closet: Huff feels guilty about what nearly happened between himself and the pharmaceutical rep and at the same time he is jealous of Beth and a male client.

Episode 12: All the King's Horses: Huff and Beth are growing further apart and it is exacerbated by the arrival of her deathly ill mother. Russell may have fathered a child with one of his many one-night stands.

Episode 13: Crazy Nuts and All Fucked Up: Huff begins to question his own sanity after some explosive occurrences that might tear apart his family.

Special Features:
-Play "Crazy Nuts and All Fucked Up" with commentary by creator/executive producer Bob Lowry, director/executive producer Scott Winant, actor/producer Hank Azaria and actor Oliver Platt

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