Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho Collection

Toho is the most famous of all Japanese movie studios and over the years it has released several classic sci-fi films. Viewers in North America became aware of the studio with the films of Akira Kurosawa and the original "Godzilla" film in 1954. Here are three sci-fi classics directed by Ishiro Honda, "Godzilla" director, all in one collection. Expect crazy special effects and even crazier stories.

The H-Man (1958):

A narcotics deal goes sour and the police suspect disappears. The only clue left behind is his clothes. Tokyo police believe that his wife is in on it so they question her and then stake out the club she works at. The police are stumped.

A break comes their way when a young scientist tells the police that the H-Bomb tests that took place in the Pacific Ocean have created radioactive creatures known as H-Men. A type of slime comes off the H-Men that causes anyone they touch to dissolve.

Battle in Outer Space (1959):

Aliens that look like little munchkins invade Earth. Cities of the world are helpless against the spaceships and lasers of the aliens. The powerful nations of the world decide to work together to try to come up with a plan to defeat the aliens. It results in a big outer space battle.

Mothra (1961):

On the island of Beiru, an island used for atomic testing, a group of shipwreck survivors are found. After they are rescued they seem to miraculously free of any radiation effects. The survivors believe that a juice that the natives gave them protected them from any potential ill effects.

Rothlician and Japanese scientists work together and explore Beiru. On the island they find several odd things, such as a one foot tall woman. Clark Nelson (played by Jerry Ito), a man who will try to make a buck off of anything, takes the woman and others and uses them in a travelling vaudeville show. The captured people wailing singsong calls Mothra, a giant moth that the native people of Beiru worship. Mothra goes through Tokyo in search of the kidnapped singers.

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