Important Things with Demetri Martin: Season One

You almost feel like you've fallen into a black hole and traveled through time when you start watching this DVD. A sketch/variety show starring Demetri Martin seems like something out of a different era. Each episode deals with one single topic. One single odd topic.

Episode 1: Power: Demetri does some stand-up and sketch comedy about power and man's relationship with it.

Episode 2: Chairs: Educates us about how choosing to sit in one chair over another can affect your life and that rats cannot walk backwards out of tight places.

Episode 3: Games: Sketches featuring a tiny guy and Da Mici.

Episode 4: Coolness: Facts about cool and a song about cool ways to propose to your woman.

Episode 5: Timing: Informative data about timing and a sketch co-starring Amanda Peet.

Episode 6: Brains: A rap song about brains and the Prince and the Pauper five years later.

Episode 7: Safety: The large pad is used to analyze safety and safety updates.

Special Features: Brain Injuries, Parking Wars Outtakes, Basketball 1, Basketball 2, Cult Leader in Love, Killing Someone with Kindness, Killing Time in the Studio, Dinner with Heroes Outtakes, A Tiny Guy Helps Find a Contact Lens, A Yellow Belt Breaks an Awkward Silence, Safety Dummy, Early Production Graph, Early Production Lineup

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