Jack Johnson: A Weekend At The Greek – Live In Japan

Disc One: A Weekend At The Greek
Jack Johnson began his career a few years back as the opening act for Ben Harper and he has become a huge success worldwide. The 2005 Jack Johnson In Between Dreams Tour is documented on this DVD. His band includes: Zach Gill (piano), Adam Topol (drums), and Merlo Podlewski (bass). There is a nice mixture of live performances along with a documentary style behind-the-scenes look at the artist and his band. The live portion was filmed at the renowned Hearst Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California over the weekend of September 19-20, 2005. The film is shot in parts in black and white and in parts in colour. Its strength is that it gives the viewer some excellent insight into the profiled artist. Jack Johnson is shown to be a 'no pretense' kind of guy. He performs onstage in the same clothes he wears off stage (baggy jeans and sweatshirts or t-shirts). His surfer mentality of being laid back is definitely apparent on stage, but he is still quite passionate about his music.

-Ping Pong
-Telegraph Ave. (Rainbow)
-Matt Costa (Fall Line/Sunshine/Astor)
-Animal Liberation Orchestra (Walls of Jericho)
-Symbol in my Driveway
-Good People
(These all are featurettes)

Disc Two: Live In Japan
Again this black and white and colour film captures Jack Johnson and his band on tour throughout Japan. It follows him throughout the tour including an outdoor festival called Fuji Rock, which seems to have been a camp out type festival. The footage is of live performances and some behind-the-scenes stuff. The coolest parts of this DVD are the informal jam sessions that Johnson engages in with different artists and the numbers he performs alone on stage.

-The making of In Between Days

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