Kitchen Confidential: The Complete Series

The quick demise of this entertaining television series was another example of a network not allowing a show to have some time to find an audience. FOX pulled the plug on Kitchen Confidential after only 4 episodes, but the DVD gives you all 13 that were made. Do yourself a favour and discover it or watch the other 9 episodes that never made it to air.

The series is based on the life of New York chef Anthony Bourdain and the subsequent best-selling book that he wrote. The lead character is a talented but unstable chef through who you get to see a side of restaurant life that is not usually available to the public. It shows how competitive the restaurant industry is in New York and how many talented people end up failing. Jack Bourdain is a recovering alcoholic and user of drugs and women who is now trying to get back into the restaurant industry. He is sober, in a stable relationship and working at a pizzeria. An owner of an upscale restaurant offers Bourdain a second chance, but he has only 2 days to assemble an entire staff. Accomplishing this turns out to be the easy part.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Exile on Main Street: Jack Bourdain (Bradley Cooper – The Wedding Crashers, Failure to Launch) is hired by Pino (Frank Langella – Superman Returns, Good Night, And Good Luck) to run, cook and staff the kitchen of his upscale restaurant, Nolita.

Episode 2: Aftermath: Finding out that one of his staff is stealing greatly upsets Pino, so he makes it Jack's problem. Steven (Owain Yeoman – Troy, Beerfest) and Seth (Nicholas Brendon – from television's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) take jack out to meet women.

Episode 3: Dinner Date With Death: Jack has trouble with a hot dog vendor (Ralph Martin – Exit to Eden) stationed outside the restaurant. Seth Bernard (John Larroquette – from television's The Practice), Jack's mentor, comes to the restaurant.

Episode 4: French Fight: Jack goes to another chef's restaurant, is jealous of his bread and finds out he has stolen his dish. It is now war after Michel (Michael Vartan – from television's Alias) sleeps with Mimi (Bonnie Somerville – Bedazzled, Without a Paddle).

Episode 5: You Lose, I Win: Pino forces Jack to hire another chef. Jack hires Becky (Erinn Hayes – Rumor Has It) to cover for him while he mingles with the star partons.

Episode 6: Rabbit Test: Jack does battle with a vegan who comes to the restaurant and then ends up dating her. Steve and Becky make a $100 bet who will ask who to have sex first.

Episode 7: The Robbery: The restaurant gets held up and during it Jim (John Francis Daley – from television's Freaks and Geeks) saves Terry (John Cho – American Dreamz, In Good Company). People are afraid to come to the restaurant after.

Episode 8: Teddy Takes Off: Nolita and Jack make it into Food + Wine magazine. Teddy gets mad that Jack is taking the credit for his recipe and quits.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Let's Do Brunch: Jack and Becky are sleeping together and don't want people to know due to Jack's no dating rule. Becky suggests they do Sunday brunch and she's in charge.

Episode 10: Praise Be Praise: Jim tries to win Jack's approval. Jack sleeps with a woman (Jordana Spiro – Must Love Dogs, Alone With Her) who writes a Rate the Chef website…rate them in bed and he gets a low score.

Episode 11: An Affair to Remember: Jack mistakenly sleeps with Pino's mistress, Gia (Morena Baccarin – Serenity). Pino throws a party for his wife, Grace (Concetta Tomei – Deep Impact, View From the Top).

Episode 12: Power Play: Mimi is the new owner of the restaurant. Jack and Mimi butt heads.

Episode 13: And the Award Goes To…: Nolita is up for the Epicure Award. Jim tells Seth that he likes Tanya (Jaime King – Sin City, White Chicks) and Seth thinks it is a joke.

Special Features:
-Tour of Nolita
-A Recipe for Comedy
-Kitchen Confidential trailer

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