Kyle XY: Final Season – The Complete Third Season

Despite that this show, despite it's hokey premise, is mildly engaging ABC saw fit to cancel it after it's third season on air. It's part alien and part 90210. Find out how it all ends for Kyle (played by Matt Dallas) and Jessi (played by Jaimie Alexander).

Episode 1: It Happened One Night: Kyle is captured but worries where Amanda (played by Kirsten Prout) is.

Episode 2: Psychic Friend: Jessi is very upset when her mother (played by Ally Sheedy) leaves.

Episode 3: Electric Kiss: Michael Cassidy (played by Hal Ozen) is still after Kyle to work with them.

Episode 4: In the Company of Men: Kyle is trying to deal with the heartache of Amanda dumping him.

Episode 5: Life Support: Nicole (played by Marguerite MacIntyre) decides to take the family away for the weekend to distract them.

Episode 6: Welcome to Latnok: Kyle goes through with his promise to go to Latnok, but only Jessi knows about it.

Episode 7: Chemistry 101: Declan (played by Chris Olivero) is giving Kyle romantic advice while Lori (played by April Matson) is giving Jessi romantic advice.

Episode 8: The Tell-Tale Heart: Kyle is worried when Jessi gets sick.

Episode 9: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Kyle does not know how to deal with his new feelings for Jessi.

Episode 10: Bringing Down the House: Kyle and Jessi keep up their plan to find out what Cassidy is up to.

Special Features: Kyle XY: Future Revealed, Deleted Scenes, Sneak Peeks of Alice in Wonderland, 10 Things I Hate About You: 10th Anniversary Edition, Tron: Legacy Extract, Greek: Chapter Four, Blu-ray Disc, Make it or Break it: Season One and Surrogates

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