Laguna Beach: The Complete Second Season

I guess it's time for me to admit that I am getting older. It seems to be harder and harder for me to relate to some of the stuff that teenagers like. Laguna Beach is an MTV produced television series which has been on the air going on 3 seasons. It is billed as the real OC. The premise is that in reality show style they follow around 8 teenagers who live in Laguna Beach and try to capture their everyday lives for the show. Each scene there are subtitles if the voices are low and the names of each of the persons speaking appear in the corner of the screen. It is an attempt to convince you that this actually happened and that the truth is most times stranger and more compelling than fiction. If you dig lust, love, lies, parties, and backstabbing then you really should get your rocks off with this one. The 8 teenagers are seniors approaching their graduation in this season and all the trials and tribulations that entails. These kids are the cool and rich ones and the music (Simple Plan, Kelly Clarkson, Howie Day, Hillary Duff, Avril Lavigne, and Journey) used in the series reflects that. Plus you knew music would play a part in it as it is a series made by the people at MTV. Hey, we all should have guilty pleasures and this definitely falls into that category.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Since You've Been Gone: Kristin, Jessica and Alex H. are seniors this year and plan to make it quite memorable. Already they can tell it is not going to be as it was previously as tensions arise during Christmas break when everyone comes home.

Episode 2: You Can't Trust Him: Jessica is really without a clue about her love Jason. Kristin thinks that Jason has cheated on Jessica. Alex H. might provide Kristin with the proof she needs about Jason.

Episode 3: It's Hard to Say Goodbye: LC is leaving for Mexico with Stephen and Dieter. Alex H. and Jessica plan a dinner for Kristin and she requests that they not invite Taylor. Stephen goes back to San Francisco and Kristin is upset.

Episode 4: More Than Friends: Jessica does not like the attention that Alex M. is paying to Jason. He doesn't seem to mind though. Talan starts letting his feelings for Kristin show.

Episode 5: Winter Formal: At the Winter Formal the girls get to ask the guys to it. Jessica hesitates and Alex M. asks Jason first.

Episode 6: I Hate Valentine's Day: Stephen comes back into town and takes Kristin to dinner on Valentine's Day and then brings flowers to LC the next day. Things are not going well for Jessica and Jason.

Episode 7: Get Over Him: After the break up, Kristin, Alex H., Talan, and Jeff take Jessica away for the weekend snowboarding. The heat between Talan and Kristin starts up again.

Episode 8: What Goes Around…: Alex H. and Alex M. try to get the two groups together by organizing a bonfire on the beach. Things don't go well when Jessica finds out that Jason and Alex M are dating.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Cabo, Cabo, Cabo: Even though Jason is in Costa Rica, Jessica spends her time in Cabo thinking about him. She also tries to avoid Alex M. They finally run into each other at a club and there are some fireworks.

Episode 10: Lies and Goodbyes: Kristin visits Stephen in San Francisco, but doesn't tell Talan she's going. Kristin tells Stephen that she doesn't want a boyfriend just now. Casey spreads a rumour about Alex M.

Episode 11: Don't Hate the Game: At Alex H.'s party someone emerges who might take Jessica's mind off of Jason, unless Kristin gets in the way. A question that Stephen asks LC in San Francisco throws her for a loop.

Episode 12: Our Last Prom: Cami asks Jason to prom. Talan asks Kristin. Prom night is never a dull one as Kristin and Talan get in a fight before they even get there and Alex M. and Jason hook up.

Episode 13: Boyfriends Are Like Purses: LC hosts a BBQ and Stephen wants to use it as an opportunity to hook up with her. Much to everyone's surprise LC and Jason end up hooking up.

Episode 14: The End of the Beginning: Graduation Day is here. The girls all get diamonds as gifts. LC and Jason have a fun time in her Jacuzzi. Casey throws an olive branch to Alex M. and her group.

Episode 15: I Saw You Kiss Her: After a landslide destroys a portion of Laguna Beach, Stephen, Dieter, LC, and Trey host a "Fight the Slide" fashion show/auction/concert to raise funds. Everyone is enjoying themselves except for LC, who is upset when Jason pays a lot of attention to Jessica.

Episode 16: Nothing More to Say: LC throws one last bash before moving to Los Angeles. Everyone is invited except for Jason. Kristin even shows up but ends up leaving with Stephen.

Episode 17: One Last Wave: The graduates leave for college and LC heads to LA. There are plenty of tears, goodbyes and pondering about the future.

Disc Three:
Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Cast interviews
-Laguna Guide to Love featurette
-Behind the Season Finale With Cast featurette
-Cosmo Girl Magazine Photo Shoot featurette
-Laguna memories
-Casting tapes
-Virtual Laguna Beach
-MTV overdrive
-Previews for Laguna Beach Season Three, Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season, All You've Got, MTV Books Teen Fiction, She's the Man, and The Hills: Season One.

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