Laverne and Shirley: The Fourth Season

The 1950s in the cosmopolitan city of Milwaukee is the setting for this highly successful sitcom from the late 1970s. It a case of opposites making for funny roommates in that Shirley Feeney is a mild-mannered refined girl and her roommate Laverne De Fazio is a rough-and-tumble kinda girl. They both work at Shotz Brewing factory and dream of a better life with a rich husband and kids. What they have for now are two crazy neighbours, Lenny and Squiggy, and minimum wage jobs.

Episode 1: Festival (Part One): Squiggy (played by David L. Lander) is treated like a son by Laverne's Grandmother (played by Penny Santon).

Episode 2: Festival (part two): Frank (played by Phil Foster) tries to win a trip to Italy for his mom.

Episode 3: Playing the Roxy: After bumping her head Shirley (played by Cindy Williams) believes she is a stripper.

Episode 4: The Robbery: Laverne's boyfriend (played by Larry Bishop) robs a grocery store.

Episode 5: The Quiz Show: Laverne (played by Penny Marshall), Shirley, Lenny (played by Michael McKean), and Squiggy get on a game show.

Episode 6: Laverne and Shirley Go to Night School: The girls go to Night School.

Episode 7: Date with Eraserhead: Shirley has a date with "Eraserhead" (played by Paul Wilson).

Episode 8: The Bully Show: Laverne goes on a date with Lenny and Squiggy's boss.

Episode 9: A Visit to the Cemetery: Laverne visits her mother

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