Law and Order, Trial By Jury: The Complete Series

This incarnation of the popular Law and Order television series created by Dick Wolf was the least popular, at least ratings wise, of the bunch. It lasted only 2 months on NBC and aired only 12 episodes. Those familiar with the Law and Order franchise will find many themes and styles of Trial By Jury familiar. This series adapts stories that are based on actual headlines such as the episode based on the Kobe Bryant rape case or the well-known Amadou Diallo shooting. The cast of Trial By Jury includes Bebe Neuwirth (from television's Cheers) as Assistant District Attorney Tracey Kibre, Amy Carlson (from television's Another World and Third Watch) as Assistant District Attorney Kelly Gaffney, and Kirk Acevedo (from television's Oz) as District Attorney Investigator Hector Salazar. There are many guest appearances by Sam Waterson (from television's Law and Order), Lorraine Bracco (from television's The Sopranos), Peter Coyote, and Candice Bergen (from television's Murphy Brown). It is also the last few episodes by Jerry Orbach as Detective Lennie Briscoe before his death. Despite all these high profile guests, a cross over episode with the popular Special Victims Unit franchise and the name of Dick Wolf behind the series, Trial By Jury did not connect with viewers. The numbers were actually quite good for the series, but NBC cancelled it anyways. Patience was not the network's virtue. This quick cancellation was probably due in part to the cast not being especially interesting to viewers (especially Bebe Neuwirth's tough-as-nails character who was not a likable person), but mostly, surprisingly, due to the writing. The series was unlike the other Law and Order series in that it is overly melodramatic, making it like much of the other shows on night time television. It does not set itself aside of regular night time dramas like the three other Law and Orders do. The series was good but not above average and that seemed to doom it for cancellation.

Like the three other Law and Order series, Trial By Jury gives the viewer an inside look into the workings of the criminal justice system. Trial By Jury focuses on the lawyers and how they investigate cases, follow leads, question witnesses, and generally build cases. The proverbial light is shone on the defendants, the jury, legal strategy, and the judges' rulings in this Law and Order. After having retired from the NYPD, Lennie Briscoe now is an investigator for the District Attorney's office. Watch all 13 episodes including one never-before-aired episode in your own time frame and without all those pesky commercials.

1) The Abominable Snowman
2) Forty-One Shots
3) Vigilante
4) Truth or Consequences
5) Baby Boom
6) Pattern of Conduct
7) Bang & Blame
8) Skeleton
9) The Line
10) Blue Wall
11) Day
12) Boys Will Be Boys
13) Eros in the Upper Eighties

Special Features:
-Law and Order: SVU cross-over episode "Night"
-"A Different Look at Law and Order" featurette
-Deleted scenes

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