Lil’ Bush: Resident of the United States – Season One: The Invasion Begins

Comedy Central's hilarious animated cartoon about the life of George W. Bush as a child. In this cartoon he and the future members of his cabinet are misbehaving primary school kids. Even as children they demonstrate the personalities that we attribute to them as adults. In one half hour they manage to make fun of Bush and his cronies along with the entire American political state. With its crassness and over-the-top antics, it certainly isn't for everyone.

Episode 1: Lesbian Freak Fest: Lil' George and his friends are issued the punishment of being forced to join the St. Patrick's Day Committee.

Episode 2: Shark Week: Lil' George and his friends take a pill that alters their personalities.

Episode 3: Episodey: Suffering from nickname overload, Lil' George is admitted to the hospital.

Episode 4: The One Where Cheney Almost Takes a Dump on the Couch: George Sr. and Barbara send Lil' George and his friends to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding.

Episode 5: Three Dates: Lil' George is mad when his father forces him to take Princess Fatimah to the dance instead of Lil' Laura.

Episode 6: Big Dog Finally Gets a Beer: George Sr. takes Lil' George and his friends to Iraq for some weekend camping.

Episode 7: Afghanistan: Lil' Cheney is kidnapped by Al Qaeda.

Episode 8: Wedding: George Sr. and Barbara try to halt Lil' George's growing up too fast by forcing him to go through with a purity wedding.

Episode 9: Pootey Poot: A young Russian boy named Putin is bullying Lil' George and he has to learn about diplomacy very quickly.

Episode 10: It's Got a Mustache Box: The State has sponsored a New National Anthem writing contest.

Special Features: Comedy Central Quickies, Web Clips, Lil' Bush Girl Viral Video, Previews of South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season, Comedy Central's Funhouse: Uncensored, Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume 1 – Uncensored, Animatics

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