Little Robots: Reach For the Sky

The British certainly know how to do cartoons. As with Wallace and Gromit the Little Robots series is low-tech but in an engaging way. It does not talk down to kids rather uses the British flair for language in its series. It is the top rated animated series on the BBC and is especially popular with preschool boys. With its talent for presenting the Little Robots playing in ways that replicate how kids themselves play, the creators of the series are also able to place positive messages within the stories that are not too heavy for kids.

Episode 1: Reach For the Sky: Sporty tries to fly with Rusty's help, but is frustrated with his lack of success. Stretchy is troubled by two magnets who are quite attached to him.

Episode 2: Scary Scary: Scary attempts to scare all the robots, but he isn't doing a great job. Sporty tries to see what he looks like doing all his various body-building poses so he borrows Scary's mirror.

Episode 3: A Bit of Give and Take: Tiny wants the other robots to help him to make the Nut and Bolt Tree somewhere fun to be when he's alone, but the robots do not seem interested. The Sparky Twins come up with an idea that seems to have Tiny's stamp of approval.

Episode 4: Noisy's New Song: Noisy starts singing her noisiest song ever. Spotty tries to help Stretchy with his jammed hatch in the junkyard, but her aural sensors are turned off so she's a little clueless.

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