Lost: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

ABC television series Lost has become known as a mysterious epic with many twists and turns. For five seasons now the many fans of the show have been trying to figure out everything they can about the characters and the island they are on.

In season 5 the Oceanic 6, the survivors of the place crash who have returned home, are heading back to the island. Why is the question that most viewers asked themselves. Watch this season and find out.

Episode 1: Because You Left: Ben and Jack (played by Matthew Fox) start recruiting the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island.

Episode 2: The Lie: Those left on the island try to deal with the time traveling.

Episode 3: Jughead: Desmond is the person who can save those left on the island.

Episode 4: The Little Prince: Kate (played by Evangeline Lily) and Jack decide to act like Aaron is her child.

Episode 5: This Place is Death: With Sun pointing a gun at him, Ben tells her that Jin is still alive.

Episode 6: 316: Eloise, Daniel's mother, is going to help Ben and the others to get back to the island.

Episode 7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham: Somehow, even though the he was not on the plane, John Locke is alive and on the island.

Episode 8: Lafleur: The time traveling on the island stops and those left behind agree to wait for John to return.

Episode 9: Namaste: Sawyer and Jin meet the survivors and let them know that it is 1977 on the island.

Episode 10: He's Our You: A young Ben offers to help Sayid believing he is one of the hostiles.

Episode 11: Whatever Happened, Happened: Those in the Dharma organization try to deal with Ben being shot as Juliet tries to save his life.

Episode 12: Dead is Dead: Richard brings a seriously injured Ben to live with The Others.

Episode 13: Some Like it Hoth: Juliet and Sawyer do their best to cover for the fact that Ben is gone.

Episode 14: The Variable: Daniel Farraday is back on the island and tells Jack that his mother was wrong to tell him to return.

Episode 15: Follow the Leader: Richard tells Sun that he watched Jin, Jack, Kate, Hugo and Sawyer die 30 years ago.

Episode 16: The Incident: Kate, Juliet and Sawyer are on a sub heading back and Jack and Sayid are trying to blow up the hydrogen bomb on the island.

Special Features: Lost Started Kit, Sneak Peeks of On Blu-Ray Disc, Alice in Wonderland, Extract, 10 Things I Hate About You 10th Anniversary Edition, Lost Seasons 1+2 on Blu-Ray Disc, Lost: The Final Season, Also From ABC Studios, Everybody's Fine, and Surrogates, Lost 100, Lost University, Mysteries of the Universe, Making Up for Lost Time, An Epic Day with Richard Alpert, Building 23 + Beyond, Lost on Location, Deleted Scenes, Lost Bloopers

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