Love American Style: Season One – Volume 1

This series was popular during the 1970s and watching it is like falling into a time warp. It is all short stories of love. Some are cute, some are funny but most are full of witty double entendres.

It is like a Saturday Night Live style show devoted to love and romance. The same actors would do different characters in little skits. At the time the show was thought of as very cutting edge and modern. While that no longer applies it still is pretty enjoyable.

Episode 1: Love and a Couple of Couples: A woman drops in on her boyfriend on a night where he is about to propose to another woman.

Episode 2: Love and the Hustler: A beautiful woman hustle a pool shark.

Episode 3: Love and the Pill: Her parents are worried when their daughter announces she is going to take a tour through Europe with her boyfriend.

Episode 4: Love and the Living Doll: After a woman turns down a man from her apartment building for a date he tries to make her jealous using a blow up doll.

Episode 5: Love and the Letter: A student in an English as a second language course uses a class assignment to write an anonymous love letter to the teacher.

Episode 6: Love and the Joker: Two writers of greeting cards start dating.

Episode 7: Love and the Unlikely Couple: When an unattractive boy brings home his attractive girlfriend his mother believes she must be a gold digger.

Episode 8: Love and the Phone Booth: A country bumpkin phones a 'for a good time' number and hits it off with the woman.

Episode 9: Love and the Doorknob: After his wife tells her husband his mouth is too small he tries to make it bigger by putting it around a doorknob.

Episode 10: Love and Who?: A guy wakes up with a hangover and does not remember anything about the night before.

Episode 11: Love and the Militant: A wannabe black militant invades the college president's office in order to hit on his secretary.

Episode 12: Love and the Legal Agreement: A lawyer and his wife agree to separate but continue to live together.
Episode 13: Love and the Single Couple: What to do when your daughter is in a coed dorm and has a male roommate.

Episode 14: Love and the Modern Wife: A man doesn't think his wife needs to take a course on how to save your marriage.

Episode 15: Love and the Phonies: A couple at a dinner party insult all the other couples all the while stripping into repressed middle aged clothes.

Episode 16: Love and the Dating Computer: A dating computer makes a mistake and two guys up on a date, but is it really a mistake.

Episode 17: Love and the Watchdog: Puff Puff is a watchdog who is more trouble than he's worth.

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