Mad About You: The Complete Third Season

I remember loving this Emmy Award-winning couple comedy while watching it in the 90s and rewatching it now has not diminished my appreciation for it. That is a high compliment to any series as some are seriously 'weathered' by time.

Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser – Beverly Hills Cop II, Aliens) and Jaime (Helen Hunt – Twister, What Women Want) are a recently married couple living with their dog Murray in a New York apartment. Jaime works in public relations and Paul is a film director. The situational comedy is based on their relationship with each other and their family members. A lot of light laughs and some surprisingly touching ones. Guest stars this season include Cyndi Lauper, Wendie Malick, Carl Reiner, and Eric Stoltz.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Escape From New York: As they don't have an air conditioner, Paul and Jamie are dying in the middle of a hot New York summer. Jamie wants to leave town for the weekend.

Episode 2: Home: After hearing rumours of the building going co-op the feud between the Buchmans and the Conways is stepped up a notch. Murray falls in love.

Episode 3: Till Death Do Us Part: Jamie's Uncle Van dies and she convinces Paul to speak at the funeral. Afterwards, Jamie brings his ashes home until she can think of a place to scatter them.

Episode 4: When I'm Sixty-Four: Paul and Jamie advise Mr. Wicker (Jerry Adler – Prime, In Her Shoes) to tell his wife that he has a crush on a resident. Mr. Wicker has to move in with Paul and Jamie after his wife does not take the news well.

Episode 5: Legacy: Mr. Buchman (Louis Zorich – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Bloodhounds of Broadway) is having his annual sporting goods sale and Paul and Jamie help out. Jamie decides to go back into public relations.

Episode 6: Pandora's Box: Jamie tries to get a television into the bedroom despite Paul's protests. She also tries to get cable without paying and ends up having the whole building's shut off.

Episode 7: The Ride Home: Paul and Jamie decide not to act like a couple at a party to disastrous results. The cab ride home is quite interesting.

Episode 8: Giblets for Murray: Paul and Jamie host Thanksgiving and it is really stressful for them.

Special Features:
-Previews of Boynton Beach Club, Dynamic Duos (TV), '80s Hits, Ladies' Night (TV), and I Dream Of Jeannie (TV)

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Once More, With Feeling: The sex life of Paul and Jamie goes through a dry spell. Fran (Leila Kenzle – Identity, White Oleander) quits her job.

Episode 10: The City: Paul and Jamie are to meet Ira (John Pankow – Life As A House, The Object of My Affection) and his new girlfriend for a double date, but they are late and can't get into the film. Paul ends up getting punched in the nose.

Episode 11: Our Fifteen Minutes: Paul is one of six filmmakers asked to make a reality film about his own everyday life. Jamie is upset she did not get more notice.

Episode 12: How To Fall In Love: Paul and Jamie reminisce about how they met. They compete to see who has the best pick-up techniques.

Episode 13: Mad About You, Part 1: Paul and Jamie are planning their wedding, which is not as simple as it might seem. Jamie discovers that Paul's mother Sylvia's (Cynthia Harris – The Distinguished Gentlemen, 3 Men and a Baby) name has been misspelled on the invitations.

Episode 14: Mad About You, Part 2: Paul and Jamie are over-their-head with the wedding planning. Jamie has quit smoking but starts to overeat.

Episode 15: Just Our Dog: Murray stars in a commercial that is a big success. When he auditions for a television show it does not go quite as well.

Episode 16: The Alan Brady Show: Legendary television comedian Alan Brady (Carl Reiner – Ocean's Twelve, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle) agrees to narrate Paul's documentary. The star and Paul butt heads continuously.

Disc Three:
Episode 17: Mad Without You: Jamie is away in Connecticut at her parents and Paul is lost. He now remembers that single life was not so great.

Episode 18: Purseona: Jamie and Fran prepare to meet an important client. Paul is leaving to do a film a dogsled race in the Yukon.

Episode 19: Two Tickets to Paradise: Paul and Jamie pretend they are his parents in order to go on an all-inclusive vacation. They end up not remembering all the lies they've told.

Episode 20: Money Changes Everything: Ira's life is good. The store is successful and he has a new girlfriend. Ex-wife Marianne (Cyndi Lauper) comes back and everything changes.

Episode 21: Cake Fear: Paul is anxious about his birthday due to the fact that they have never gone well in the past. Ira's cat ate his date's pet bird.

Episode 22: My Boyfriend's Back: Jamie is upset when her new client makes her work with her ex Alan (Eric Stoltz – Mask, The Butterfly Effect).

Episode 23: Up in Smoke, Part 1: Paul and Jamie begin to question their marriage because they are having trouble buying each other anniversary gifts. They go back to where they first met.

Episode 24: Up in Smoke, Part 2: The newsstand where they first met has burned down. Paul and Jamie go back in time.

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