Male Midlife Crisis: Fact or Fiction

We've all heard the stories about 50-something men who walk out on their wives for a 20-something young thing or who go out and buy a fancy, expensive, convertible red sports car. The question is why? Why do they do these things? And why does it seem to be primarily men who go through this type of midlife crisis. Is it that they cannot handle getting older? Do they need to assert their sexual prowess or retain some vestige of the stereotype of male power? There seems to be no simple answer.

Even though it seems ridiculous to the rest of us some men of a 'certain age' see nothing odd about running around in leather pants, trying to train for marathons for the first time in their lives or date girls thirty years younger than them. It all seems to make sense to them. It is beyond their control and they do not seem to want to control it. They use their financial means and sexuality to prove they still have it. Whatever 'it' is in their minds. Whether it is buying pricey toys (a recent survey showed that Porsches are the most popular car for men in this category to buy) or young women, they are out to prove something.

The female equivalent of the male midlife crisis would be menopause. The difference is that women are more prepared for what is going to happen to them. Men, no matter how much we discuss midlife crisis, seem like it just creeps up on them. They don't understand what is going on and don't really have any support system set up to help them through it. Men don't want to admit to anyone that they feel old, useless, unattractive, or out of shape. In their minds this makes them less of a man. They want to project the image of strength and being in control but what they feel is the exact opposite.

When you are going through a crisis of any sorts common feelings are frustration, worry, feeling trapped, feeling invisible, and the belief that time is running out. Feeling this way it almost seems normal for the person to not want to waste any more time. You might feel like you have wasted the first part of your life and have to do something to change that trend. It doesn't matter how your behaviour will affect the other people in your life as you are looking out for number one. Has society become an "it's all about me" place?

During these uncertain financial times marriages are breaking up at an even more alarming rate and affairs are happening more frequently. Midlife crisis seem to be happening at an even earlier age nowadays. It is becoming more rampant with people looking for answers to questions they don't even know.

So, I guess, it all boils down to who do we blame the economy or men? More questions with no answers.

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