Maude: The Complete First Season

During the 1970s there were several sitcoms that changed what we were able to see on television and showed that the public's tastes were changing. Even comedies were becoming provoking. The series Maude, created by the legendary Norman Lear, was at the forefront. It was one of the first television shows that portrayed a strong, often-divorced and feminist female lead character who dealt with single motherhood, abortion and sexual freedom. The character of Maude started off as the liberal cousin of Edith on "All In The Family" and was so popular it spun off into its own series. Guest stars this inaugural season included Tom Bosley, Ed Begley Jr., Rue McClanahan, and John Amos.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Maude's Problem: Maude finds out that Carol is seeing a psychiatrist and it's killing her. She must find out why.

Episode 2: Doctor, Doctor: Phillip, Maude's grandson, is discovered behind the garage playing doctor with the neighbour Arthur's granddaughter. This leads to an argument concerning sexual freedom.

Episode 3: Maude Meets Florida: Maude hires Florida Evans from Harlem as her new housekeeper. Maude's goal is to make this black woman feel like her equal.

Episode 4: Like Mother, Like Daughter: Carol is dating an older man who Maude once dated. After calling Carol Maude, Maude thinks he still has feelings for her.

Episode 5: Maude and the Radical: Maude hosts a fundraiser for a well-known black militant leader and the black guests refuse to come. To solve that problem, Maude makes Florida come.

Episode 6: The Ticket: Refusing Arthur's offer to help her with her speeding ticket, Maude wants to represent herself in court.

Episode 7: Love and Marriage: Carol, due to her frustrations over being single and raising her son alone, proposes to the man she's dating. Maude does not approve of Carol marrying for practical reasons rather than love.

Episode 8: Flashback: During the Nixon-McGovern election campaign, Walter and Maude reminisce about their dating days.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Maude's Dilemma (Part 1): It is quite a surprise when Maude discovers that she is pregnant and wonders how she will tell Walter.

Episode 10: Maude's Dilemma (Part 2): Maude is worried about a pregnancy at age 47. Walter goes through the process of deciding whether to get a vasectomy or not.

Episode 11: Maude's Reunion: Maude is visited by an old high school friend. As her friend is gorgeous and successful, Maude begins to question her life choices.

Episode 12: Grass Story: When it is discovered that a young man might go to jail because of marijuana possession, Maude and the other middle-aged housewives attempt to get arrested to protest it.

Episode 13: The Slumlord: A black man pickets the Findlay house because Maude and Walter have invested in a building that he lives in.

Episode 14: The Convention: Maude goes with Walter to an appliance convention and begins to wonder who she really is. She thinks that her life is without purpose.

Episode 15: Walter's 50th Birthday: Walter is feeling low about turning 50. Matters are made worse when a childhood friend drops dead at Walter's birthday party.

Disc Three:
Episode 16: Maude and the Medical Profession: Just before leaving for a trip to Italy, Maude breaks out in a rash. She then complicates matters by taking too much medication.

Episode 17: Arthur Moves In: Arthur has to live with Maude and Walter due to fire damage at his house. Maude begins to feel left out when Walter spends all his time with Arthur.

Episode 18: Florida's Problem: Florida's husband wants her to stop working as a maid, but Maude does not want to lose her.

Episode 19: Walter's Secret: Carol sees Walter having drinks with a young woman and he has to come up with an explanation quickly or else Carol will go to Maude.

Episode 20: Maude's Good Deed: Maude tries to get an old friend back together with her daughter, but Arthur gets in the way.

Episode 21: The Perfect Marriage: Maude and Walter return from a vacation to Jamaica with their best friends Vivian and Chuck only to find out that their friends are going to get a divorce.

Episode 22: Maude's Night Out: Maude and Walter fight all night about a party he does not want to go to. The reason being is that the host always flirts with Maude and it makes him jealous.

Special Features:
-Previews of Great TV Families, I Dream of Jeannie, Classic TV Comedy, and Ladies Menu

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