Medium: The Complete Second Season

There were two surprises regarding this television series: first, that it was a hit and second, that it marked the comeback of sorts for actress Patricia Arquette. It is now its third season and it is still going pretty strong. Patricia Arquette won the 2005 Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series, which surprised most including herself. The series has certainly evolved as it has gone on but the basic premise of the show is Alison Dubois (Patricia Arquette – Bringing Out the Dead, Fast Food Nation), who is a suburban mother of three young children, has a gift of being able to see dead people and the thoughts of those around her. The feelings and thoughts of the dead usually come to her in the midst of disturbing dreams she has. Alison juggles the life of a housewife with that of a special consultant for the Phoenix district attourney's office. Interestingly, one of her daughters seems to have the same abilities as Alison. The show is full of family tension, gruesome murders and shocking behaviour (often on Alison's part).

Episode 1: When Push Comes to Shove: Conclusion of Season One cliffhanger. Alison tries to unravel the message from the dead before a serial killer strikes again.

Episode 2: The Song Remains the Same: Alison has the song "I Will Survive" stuck in her head.

Episode 3: Time Out of Mind: Alison believes that she is a woman who has been put in a mental institution in the year 1959.

Episode 4: Light Sleeper: Joe (Jake Weber – U-571, Dawn of the Dead) is frustrated by Alison's sleepwalking.

Episode 5: Sweet Dreams: Alison is working on the case of the disappearance of an 18-year-old girl.

Episode 6: Dead Aim: Alison dreams of a massacre at the District Attourney's office including her boss D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval – Collateral Damage, Blow).

Episode 7: Judge, Jury, & Executor: Joe gets jury duty on a case that Alison has dreams about.

Episode 8: Too Close to Call: D.A. Devalos is running for re-election.

Episode 9: Still Life: A 3-D episode in which Alison meets a popular artist whose work contains 3-D images.

Episode 10: The Reckoning: A woman who believes that her house is haunted ends up dead.

Episode 11: Method to his Madness: Joe worries about his daughters when Alison is working a case of a murderer who uses women's heads as his canvases.

Episode 12: Doctors Orders: A disturbed doctor has Alison's daughter, Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva – starred in an episode of The Agency), as his next intended victim.

Episode 13: Raising Cain: After locating a missing boy, Alison is tormented by her visions of what he will do in the future.

Episode 14: A Changed Man: After she falls in the bathroom suffering a concussion, Alison's visions are affected.

Episode 15: Sweet Child O' Mine: Alison's feelings for a young boy accused of murder puts at risk her ability to remain impartial on the job.

Episode 16: Allison Wonderland: Joe begins to worry that Bridget has the same abilities as Alison.

Episode 17: Lucky in Love: Alison's brother Michael shows up after she has a dream about him taking part in a bank robbery.

Episode 18: S.O.S: Alison is after a serial killer.

Episode 19: Knowing Her: Scanlon's (David Cubitt – Ali, Alive) past proves to be a problem.

Episode 20: The Darkness is Light Enough: Joe's work takes its toll on him.

Episode 21: Death Takes a Policy: While on a job, a man claiming to be 'Death' (Kelsey Grammer – from television's Frasier) appears to Alison.

Episode 22: Twice Upon a Time: Alison has visions of her life if she had married someone else and become a lawyer.

Special Features:
-The Story Of Medium, Season Two
-Medium In Another Dimension: a special on the making of the 3D episode
-A Day In The Life Of The DuBois Daughters
-The Museum of Television and Radio Q & A with Cast and Creative Team
-Gag Reel

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