Mission: Impossible/Mission: Impossible II – Blu-ray Edition

Mission: Impossible
Director: Brian De Palma

The reason that there was a Mission Impossible II and III was due to the huge success of the first film. This is what started the money making franchise ball rolling for Tom Cruise and all involved with the films. The original director was Brian De Palma (The Black Dahlia, Scarface) and he shows much deft and skill with the action/thriller genre. De Palma is the master of homage films and this is his homage to old time spy movies. Though he has a great reputation as a director who has made some highly appreciated films he has also made some dogs, but this is one of his good films. He was rewarded by the film being his first true box office runaway success. Though there are plenty of films nowadays that are remakes of television shows this one is not really a remake rather a continuation of the show. With a story full of twists and double-crosses you really have to pay attention or you will be lost. The story is not your typical action film, I guess it's more thriller, in that it requires you to use your brain. Tom Cruise does a good job in the title role. His charm and charisma is just what is required. Some of the parts that might be a little disappointing to watch now, 10 years later, are the technology/gadget parts as some of it is outdated and might cause the viewer to chuckle, but still overall it is an enjoyable, exciting film.

Jim Phelps (Jon Voigt – Ali, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) has assigned a top team of IMF (Impossible Missions Force) agents to a seemingly straightforward assignment in Prague. Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise – Jerry McGuire, All the Right Moves) heads the team comprised of Sarah (Kristen Scott Thomas – The English Patient, Random Hearts), Claire Phelps (Emmanuelle Beart – 8 Femmes, Don Juan), and Jack (Emilio Estevez – Bobby, The Mighty Ducks). The assignment is to stop a disc that contains the name of all agents worldwide from being stolen. During the mission something goes dreadfully wrong and Ethan is the only agent not killed. He manages to get away and contacts his superior Kittridge (Henry Czerny – The Pink Panther – 2006, The Exorcism of Emily Rose), who tells him that there is a double agent within IMF who has been selling secrets to the enemy. As a result of him being the only survivor of the ambush, Ethan becomes the prime suspect and his privileges as an agent are revoked. Once again he manages to escape from danger, as the agency wants to arrest him, and now is really on his own. Ethan discovers that Claire also survived the ambush and the two now have to work together to prove that they are not the double agents. Ethan assembles a group of disavowed agents, Franz (Jean Reno – The Professional, The Da Vinci Code) and Luther (Ving Rhames – Mission: Impossible II, Con Air), and contacts the arms dealer who has hired the IMF double agent. Ethan and his team will try to get the stolen disk back in order to prove their innocence.

Special Features:
-40 Years of Creating the Impossible
-Explosive Exploits
-Spies Among Us
-Catching the Train
-International Spy Museum
-Agent Dossiers
-Excellence in Film: Cruise
-Generation: Cruise
-Photo Gallery

Mission: Impossible II
Director: John Woo

After a good start the Mission: Impossible film series starring Tom Cruise stumbles. Action film director John Woo (Paycheck, Windtalkers) has made several good films, but this is not one of them.

IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is sent to Australia to find and destroy a batch of the deadly genetically created disease known as Chimera. Hunt's job is made more difficult by the fact that other people are also after Chimera. Also, a former IMF agent (Dougray Scott – Hitman, Dark Water) is leading a band of bad guys and they already have the antidote to Chimera called Bellerophon. They now want to steal Chimera in order to control the planet by infecting everyone.

Hunt teams up with Nyah (Thandie Newton – Crash, RocknRolla), who is a thief, to get his hands on the deadly disease first. His already difficult assignment is made all the more so when Nyah is infected with Chimera and now Hunt has to also get his hands on the antidote to cure her.

The biggest problem with this film is the script. It is completely absurd. So much so that you will laugh out loud at times. It becomes so that you hope the action scenes will distract you momentarily, but they end up going on too long and you get bored with them as well. A mess!

Special Features:
-Behind the Mission: The Making of MI-2
-Mission: Incredible
-Impossible Shots
-I Disappear – Metallica Video
-Alternative Titles
-Excellence in Film: Cruise
-Generation: Cruise

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