Mission: Impossible – Season 5

The Impossible Missions Force (seems a bit like a silly title – if the missions truly are impossible how can they be accomplished?), made up of highly trained spies and other specialists, works for the American government and they are given highly confidential missions to undertake. The missions come by way of the never seen Secretary. This is the fifth of seven seasons.

Episode 1: The Killer: Hitman Eddie Lorca (played by Robert Conrad) operates in a random way making it almost impossible for IMF to catch him or figure out who his boss really is.

Episode 2: Flip Side: The IMF has to try and break up a drug smuggling ring.

Episode 3: The Innocent: While in the Middle East, Barney (played Greg Morris) is exposed a quick-acting lethal gas, is crippled, captured, and only has four hours to live.

Episode 4: Homecoming: When Jim (played by Peter Graves) returns to his hometown he finds it terrorized by a serial killer.

Episode 5: Flight: President Rojas (played by Dom Tattoli) is making a speech ignorant of the fact that his Chief of Security (played by John Colicos) has hired an assassin known as Plato (played by Shepherd Sanders) to kill him.

Episode 6: My Friend, My Enemy: While on vacation Paris (played by Leonard Nemoy) is captured and programmed to kill Jim.

Episode 7: Butterfly (aka Poor Butterfly): A powerful Japanese industrialist kills his sister and frames her husband in order to cast doubt upon the United States.

Episode 8: Decoy: Anna Kerkoska (played by Julie Gregg) has plans to defect with a list of American agents her father had given her.

Episode 9: The Amateur: The IMF team has to smuggle out Father Bernard (played by Peter Brocco) and his list of Western operatives and steal a rocket laser.

Episode 10: Hunted: A plan to rescue a dissident South African goes all wrong.

Episode 11: The Rebel: The IMF has to rescue a trio of scientist and destroy their notes.

Episode 12: Squeeze Play (aka Sicily): Mob leader Albert Zembra (played by Albert Paulson) is dying and is deciding who to turn over his list of opium farms to.

Episode 13: The Hostage: Paris is kidnapped by a group of dissidents.

Episode 14: Takeover: Phelps has to try and stop Charles Peck (played for Ken Swofford) from using violence to get his man, Mayor Steve Tallman (played by Lloyd Bochner), to be the next governor.

Episode 15: Cat's Paw: Barney's brother, Larry Collier (played by Marc Hannibal), is killed while trying to establish a link between the mob and the Chief of Police.

Episode 16: The Missile (aka Torpedo): An enemy agent poses as an analyst in order to gain access to a top secret U.S. guidance system.

Episode 17: The Field: Someone has launched a missile with a thermonuclear warhead and IMF has to stop it somehow.

Episode 18: Blast: A gang of bank robbers is led by Gregory Tolan (played by Henry Dallow) and they are using the money to fund an American revolution.

Episode 19: The Cataflaque: The IMF has to shed light on a treaty signed between the Russians and San Pascal in which the latter allows nuclear weapons pointed at the United States into their country.

Episode 20: Kitara (aka The Bigot): The leader of a liberation movement in an African country is captured by the evil Colonel Kohler (played by Lawrence Dobkin), which jeopardizes the whole movement.

Episode 21: A Ghost Story: Harold Bainbridge's (played by Frank Farmer), a scientist who was killed by his father after his experiments contaminated his own body, body has to be recovered by the IMF.

Episode 22: The Party: The IMF has to recover a list of all the operatives working in the United States that has been hidden.

Episode 23: The Merchant: The IMF must stop an illegal arms dealer who is about to sell millions of dollars of weapons to guerilla groups.

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