Mission:Impossible – The Second TV Season

Before there was the series of Mission: Impossible films starring Tom Cruise there was the extremely popular television series of the late 1960s.The premise was the same in that it followed a covert group of government agents who are sent on seemingly impossible missions. The lead agent handpicks his team based on the needs of the assignment and most importantly everything has to be kept undercover.

Episode 1: The Widow: The IMF tries to put a group of heroin smugglers out of business.

Episode 2: Trek: The country of Santales sells its gold artifact collection to prop up its economy. The Colonel (Mark Lenard – Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) in charge of getting it back is planning to double cross his own country.

Episode 3: The Survivors: Jim Phelps (Peter Graves – Addams Family Values, Airplane!) and Cinnamon (Barbara Bain – appeared in episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Moonlighting) pretend to be a scientist and his wife in order to get the save release of two other scientists being held hostage.

Episode 4: The Bank: Alfred Belzig (James Daly – Planet of the Apes – 1968), a bank director in Germany, plans to use the money he is stealing to found another Nazi party.

Episode 5: The Slave: Part 1: The team goes head to head with a Middle Eastern slavery ring.

Episode 6: The Slave: Part 2: People are being bought and sold in Elkabar without the knowledge of the king's own brother.

Episode 7: Operation 'Heart': The IMF has to rescue Professor Bennett (Aaron Fletcher – appeared in episodes of Little House on the Prairie and Newhart), who has been taken hostage, if they have any hope of avoiding a coup.

Episode 8: The Money Machine: Walter DuBruis (Brock Peters – Ghosts of Mississippi), an immoral African financier, is planning to use phoney money to pay off his debts.

Episode 9: The Seal: The IMF uses a trained cat to get a priceless statue back from a thief.

Episode 10: Charity: A husband and wife, who are expert con men, bilk the wealthy of donations for 'charities'.

Episode 11: The Council: Part 1: The head of the Mob is ruining the U.S. gold reserve by putting his money in a Swiss account.

Episode 12: The Council: Part 2: Jim's death is faked in order to distract the Mob long enough for Rollin (Martin Landau – City Hall, Ed Wood) to make copies of their financial records.

Episode 13: The Astrologer: Nicholai Kurzon leads a rebellion but is captured and it is up to IMF to rescue him.

Episode 14: Echo of Yesterday: Colonel Marcus von Frank (Eric Braeden – from television's The Young and the Restless) is planning to start up the Nazi Party again.

Episode 15: The Photographer: The IMF gang must get the key to a code from an American traitor before a deadly disease is unleashed.

Episode 16: The Spy: A spy gets a copy of NATO's entire missile defense system.

Episode 17: A Game of Chess: IMF has to protect gold from a thieving chess master.

Episode 18: The Emerald: A U.S. spy places the plan to devalue American money in an emerald.

Episode 19: The Condemned: While in Spain a friend of Phelps's is framed for murder and the team decides to help him.

Episode 20: The Counterfeiter: The owner of a chain of clinics is running a counterfeit drug operation.

Episode 21: The Town: Phelps discovers that the Communists have taken over an entire town.

Episode 22: The Killing: Bert Gordon (Gerald O'Loughlin – Quicksilver, Crimes of Passion) has come up with a better version of Murder Inc. for the Mob.

Episode 23: The Phoenix: A former internal security director has been demoted to head of museum security and is looking for a way to get back to the top.

Episode 24: Trial by Fury: The dictator of a country imprisons a freedom fighter and the IMF must keep him alive in jail.

Episode 25: Recovery: The IMF has to steal a bomber fail-safe and recover Paul Shipherd (Bradford Dillman – Sudden Impact, Running Scared).

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