My Three Sons: The Second Season – Volume Two

At the time this television series was on it was not common for a man to raise his kids alone. This was the premise of this show and where all its stories emanated from. Fatherly advice, pipe smoking, love, laughter are what Steve Douglas (played by Fred MacMurray) gives to his sons Mike (played by Tim Considine), Robbie (played by Don Grady) and Chip (played by Stanley Livingston).

Episode 1: Bub Gets a Job: A magazine article prods Bub (played by William Frawley) to look for a part-time job.

Episode 2: Le Petit Stowaway: Steve leaves for Paris for business and Chip stows away on his plane.

Episode 3: Robbie Valentino: Robbie is excited when his physics class is chosen to star in an educational film.

Episode 4: The Masterpiece: Chip plots to win the art contest at school by submitting a picture drawn by Bub.

Episode 5: A Holiday for Tramp: The family cannot find Tramp after picking Steve up at the train station.

Episode 6: The Big Game: Robbie has to do well on an upcoming math test in order to be able to play in the big game.

Episode 7: Chip's Party: It is soon to be Chip's tenth birthday but Steve is stricken with the German measles.

Episode 8: Casanova Trouble: A friend of Steve's believes that her daughter is dating an older man and Steve offers to help.

Episode 9: The Pencil Pusher: Steve is forced to argue that his job is important after Chip gets into a fight with another boy over the very issue.

Episode 10: Innocents Abroad: Mike and Robbie find out that their father and a friend ran away from home and they want to do the very same thing.

Episode 11: Robbie the Caddy: Robbie takes a summer job caddying but finds it trying when he is assigned to the most irritable golfer.

Episode 12: Coincidence: Steve is finding it hard to relax on his day off work so he decides to get away from it all.

Episode 13: Air Derby: Robbie enters a model airplane contest but is discouraged when he finds out that his own brother is rooting for someone else.

Episode 14: Too Much in Common: Mike decides to date a campus coed but his decision upsets his girlfriend and her father.

Episode 15: Chug and Robbie: Robbie ends up sharing a locker with the school's star athlete.

Episode 16: Good Influence: Steve wants Chip to go on a fishing trip with the most hated boy in the neighbourhood.

Episode 17: The Hippopotamus Foot: A fraternity prank gets Mike in trouble with the college dean and the Board of Regents.

Episode 18: The Kibitzers: Two of Bub's friends try to help the Douglases find the answers to a few problems but end up creating some of their own.

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