NewsRadio: The Complete Series

This is the series that really introduced Dave Foley, Andy Dick, Joe Rogan, and Maura Tierney to the masses. It also gave the opportunity to see the comic genius that was Phil Hartman weave his craziness every week.

The radio station WNYX had possibly the craziest and funniest staff ever known to man. And we loved them for it. The show lasted five seasons and never took its foot off the pedal when it came to making us laugh.

Great guest appearances by the likes of Jon Lovitz, Lauren Graham, Oswalt Patton, James Caan, Ben Stiller, John Stewart, Bob Costas, Jeneane Garafalo, John Ritter, Al Roker, and Bebe Neurith.

Episode 1: The Pilot: Dave (played by Dave Foley) is hired as station manager and it is his first day at work.

Episode 2: Inappropriate: Dave and Lisa (played by Maura Tierney) fight then make out but differ over how this should be dealt with.

Episode 3: Smoking: Lisa is worried about the fact that Joe (played by Joe Rogan) saw her and Dave at the movies together.

Episode 4: The Crisis: When Matthew (played by Andy Dick) gets a new desk it upset everyone.

Episode 5: Big Day: Everyone is excited because it is the day when Mr. James (played by Stephen Root) traditionally hands out the bonuses.

Episode 6: Luncheon at the Waldorf: Bill (played by Phil Hartman) invites Beth (played by Vicki Lewis) to go with him to the annual Broadcasters Luncheon at the Waldorf.

Episode 7: Sweeps Week: Dave is intimidated by Lisa's ex-boyfriend, so he brings his ex into the picture.

Episode 8: No, This is not Based Entirely on Julie's Life: Beth is worried when there is a mix-up at the photoshop with the naked photos she took of herself to send to her boyfriend in England.

Episode 9: Goofy Ball: Bill believes that someone is trying to kill him.

Episode 10: Rat Funeral: Dave is disturbed by the fact that everyone else seems to be fond of the rat in the office.

Episode 11: The Break Up: Catherine (played by Khandi Alexander) tries to find out Bill's birthday after he announces her age on air.

Episode 12: The Shrink: Dr. Frank (played by John Ritter) is brought in to do some counseling for the office.

Episode 13: Friends: Bill is finding it difficult to get into the building without his I.D.

Episode 14: Bill's Autobiography: The fact that Bill is writing his autobiography seems to be on the entire staff's minds.

Episode 15: Negoticiation: Figuring it is time to get married, Mr. James has a whole list of potential brides.

Episode 16: The Cane: Joe asks Matthew to give him some space for a few days.

Episode 17: Xmas Story: Everyone gets a sports car for Christmas except for Matthew.

Episode 18: Station Sale: Mr. James announces that he is going to sell the station.

Episode 19: Bitch Session: Dave is out of sight and as such gets to hear the staff's bitch session about him.

Episode 20: In Through the Out Door: Joe tries to teach Matthew how to gamble.

Episode 21: The Song Remains the Same: Mr. James plays April Fools jokes on everyone.

Episode 22: 2050: Lisa tries to get Dave to agree to give her a raise.

Episode 23: Houses of the Holy: Because Mr. James's nephew can do magic tricks Beth agrees to date him.

Episode 24: Physical Graffiti: Dave still won't admit that he is jealous of Stewart (played by Wallace Langham).

Episode 25: Led Zeppelin: Dave and Lisa finally tell the staff that they have broken up.

Episode 26: Presence: Mr. James loses Bill in a poker game and it is up to Lisa to win him back.

Episode 27: 27 Coda: Lisa helps Joe study for the electrician's exam.

Episode 28: Led Zeppelin II: Lisa is disturbed by the fact that Dave seems to have a lunch date.

Episode 29: The Injury: Matthew hurts himself while fooling around with Joe.

Episode 30: President: Mr. James announces that he is going to run for President.

Episode 31: Review: Matthew quits because Dave won't let him do a story about Dilbert, the comic strip.

Episode 32: Massage Chair: Dave cuts the free staff snacks, which angers everyone.

Episode 33: Arcade: Lisa believes she is getting dumber as she gets older.

Episode 34: Halloween: Mr. James throws a huge Halloween party and only Matthew is invited.

Episode 35: Awards Show: It is the night of the American Broadcasters Association Awards.

Episode 36: Daydream: Everyone has trouble concentrating on their work after the air conditioner works.

Episode 37: Movie Star: James Caan comes to the station to observe Bill for a role he's going to play.

Episode 38: Stocks: Beth inherits some money and asks Mr. James advice about stocks.

Episode 39: Christmas: Beth and Bill do a garage door opener commercial together.

Episode 40: The Workout: Beth and Matthew find out that Dave is Canadian.

Episode 41: Rap: Lisa is voted the cutest reporter in New York.

Episode 42: Led Zeppelin Boxed Set: Matthew thinks he is now the king of the office after he hits Bill after Bill makes fun of him.

Episode 43: Complaint Box: Even while on vacation Mr. James stays in contact with the staff.

Episode 44: Rose Bowl: Dave decides that the staff will evaluate each other for evaluations this year.

Episode 45: Kids: Dave tries to find out who owns the porn magazine he found in the lunch room.

Episode 46: Airport: Dave and Bill are snowed in in St. Louis and Lisa is in charge of the station.

Episode 47: Twins: Matthew's twin brother, Andrew (played by John Stewart), comes for a visit.

Episode 48: Office Feud: A non-profit group have moved in one floor up and Joe is at war with them.

Episode 49: Our Fiftieth Episode: After arguing over a parking ticket Bill gets arrested.

Episode 50: Sleeping: Mr. James suffers a mild heart attack.

Episode 51: The Real Deal: Lisa and Bill try to convince Jerry Seinfeld to do an on air interview.

Episode 52: Mistake: A cover story interview Dave gave angers the entire staff.

Episode 53: Space: What NewsRadio would be like if it took place in space.

Episode 54: The Jumper: If he is not allowed to read a statement on air a man on the ledge outside Dave's office is threatening to jump.

Episode 55: Plan Bee: Mr. James brings in an efficiency expert (played by Lauren Graham) when he discovers that the station is losing money.

Episode 56: The Public Domain: Andrea brings in someone to do half of Dave's job.

Episode 57: Super Karate Monkey Death Car: Mr. James does a reading from his autobiography at a bookstore.

Episode 58: French Diplomacy: Dave tells Lisa that he thinks they should go on a break.

Episode 59: Pure Evil: Andrea makes Dave Bill's producer and Lisa the boss.

Episode 60: Catherine Moves On: Catherine announces that she is leaving the station.

Episode 61: Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show: Mr. James promises Matthew that he will hire him back if he wins a talent competition for WNYX.

Episode 62: The Secret of Management: Dave is annoyed by the fact that Bill has hired his own manservant.

Episode 63: Look Who's Talking: Bill announces that he is going to be a father.

Episode 64: Chock: Dave's college acapella group wants him to quit his job and come back to the group.

Episode 65: Who's the Boss, Part I: Lisa finds it tough being Bill's boss.

Episode 66: Who's the Boss, Part II: Now neither Dave nor Lisa wants to be the boss.

Episode 67: Security Door: Dave installs a security door and the staff is not happy.

Episode 68: Big Brother: Matthew thinks he is the Big Brother to Danny (played by Michael B. Silver) but it is really the other way around.

Episode 69: Beep, Beep: Realizing that their productivity is much higher when they are dating, Mr. James tries to get Lisa and Dave back together.

Episode 70: Balloon: Mr. James decides that he is going to fly a hot air balloon around the world.

Episode 71: Copy Machine: An employee dies after a copy machine accident and Joe blames himself.

Episode 72: Monster Rancher: One of Mr. James's nephews starts working at the station.

Episode 73: 20 4: 20: Joe and Matthew are going to box for charity.

Episode 74: Jackass Junior High: The boys start acting like boys do.

Episode 75: Sinking Ship: What the show would be like if it took place on the Titanic.

Episode 76: Bill Moves On: Bill dies of a heart attack and the staff has a hard time dealing with his loss.

Episode 77: Met the Max Louis: Dave hires Bill's replacement.

Episode 78: Lucky Burger: Lisa goes undercover at Lucky Burger.

Episode 79: Noise: Matthew begins to act very motherly towards Max (played by Jon Lovitz).

Episode 80: Flowers for Matthew: Joe's smart drink seems to be working on Matthew.

Episode 81: Jail: Mr. James is arrested because they believe he is D.B. Cooper.

Episode 82: The Lam: Mr. James has escaped from prison.

Episode 83: Clash of the Titans: Mr. James stands trial.

Episode 84: Boston: Dave makes a video tape for his high school English teacher.

Episode 85: Spooky Rapping Crypt: Mr. James refuses profit sharing at the station.

Episode 86: Stinkbutt: Matthew and Lisa wear the same top to work.

Episode 87: Apartment: Dave and Lisa want to rent the same apartment.

Episode 88: Towers: Matthew does not react well to the fact that it is his 30th birthday.

Episode 89: Hair: Joe tries to hypnotize Mr. James out of his irrational fear of hippies.

Episode 90: Assistant: Lisa hires an assistant.

Episode 91: Wino: Matthew finds outs that Johnny Johnson (played by Patrick Warburton) is homeless and a drunk.

Episode 92: Wedding: Lisa and Johnny are getting married.

Episode 93: The Ploy: In order to get Beth to go out with him Max hands in his letter of resignation.

Episode 94: Padded Suit: Dave has had enough of his staff and threatens to fire one of them.

Episode 95: Freaky Friday: Because he has been stealing everyone's food, Dave bans Max from the snack room.

Episode 96: Retirement; Mr. James announces he is retiring and the station is up for sale.

Episode 97: New Hampshire: Mr. James sells the station and moves to New Hampshire but he is lonely.

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