Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Kai-Lan’s Great Trip to China

It is great to see that Nickelodeon has programming for all kids. Not only will young girls be able to identify with this special young girl (even if she is animated) but young Asian girls will have themselves a role model they can emulate. Props to Nickelodeon!

Kai-Lan will entertain – watch as your youngins sit before the television riveted – at the same time that she teaches kids some basic Chinese words. They won't even feel like they are learning as it is presented in a fun and interactive way. The show will soon become a favourite of kids and parents alike.

Episode 1: Kai-Lan's Trip to China: Invited by her aunt Gu Nai Nai, Kai-Lan and her friends travel to China where they meet a baby panda and have plenty of fun adventures.

Episode 2: Rain or Shine: Not letting a rainy day get them down, Kai-Lan comes up with some cool ways to play in the rain like jumping in puddles, sliding on lotus leaves and many other fun things.

Episode 3: The Ant Playground: Kai-Lan and her friends build a new swing for the ant's playground, but the only problem is that they seem to have no concept of how small ants are.

Special Features: "We're Going to China" Music Video

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