Nirvana: Live Tonight Sold Out

A live DVD of this sort was originally conceived of in 1992/93, but due to Kurt Cobain's death it was not released until now. Better late than never they say. The live performances were recorded between 1991 and 1993 on the road in Brazil, Amsterdam, Seattle, Dallas, London, Hawaii, Tokyo, Denmark, New York, and Brussels. They are a mixture of their own shows and festivals Nirvana performed in. A frenetic mixture of live performances and backstage interviews or impromptu shots really gives you an insight into the band. You truly are seeing (and hearing) the music of a generation when you watch this DVD. Nirvana did not play, record or write by anyone's rules; they did what they did because they loved it. Watching Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain perform in women's' lingerie or Kurt in a tiara tells you that they were really thumbing their noses at the whole music industry and were real rebels. They made music out of pure enjoyment not because they thought it would sell. The backstage footage is quite grainy and most of it was shot with hand held cameras so the quality isn't the greatest, but it really isn't important. The only complaint I have is that there are too many scenes with Courtney Love for my taste.

1) Aneurysm
2) About A Girl
3) Dive
4) Love Buzz
5) Breed
6) Smells Like Teen Spirit
7) Negative Creep
8) Come As You Are
9) Territorial Pissings
10) Something In The Way
11) Lithium
12) Drain You
13) Polly
14) Sliver
15) On A Plain
16) Endless Nameless

-Personal playlist
-Live In Amsterdam:
1) School
2) About A Girl
3) Been A Son
4) On A Plain
5) Blew

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