OSS 117: Rio ne Repond Plus

A spoof of the James Bond films seems like a good idea on paper, but it did not translate on to the screen. This is like the French version of Get Smart, but its crazy brand of humour got old very quickly for me. Yes, being politically incorrect can be funny…with the emphasis on the word 'can'. This one falls short.

Director Michel Hazanavicius meant for this to be a farce based on the older spy films, but something about it did not ring true for me. Somehow it even manages to make the Austin Powers seem intelligently witty. You might think that is a bit cutting but read on.

Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath (Jean Dujardin – Les Daltons) is OSS 117, the top secret agent in France. His latest mission is to exchange money for a microfilm with an ex-Nazi Von Zimmel (Rudiger Vogler) living in Brazil. On the mission he teams up with a sexy Israeli agent (Louise Monot) and the hippie son of Von Zimmel, Heinrich (Alex Lutz).

As you can see the story is not that interesting but that wouldn't be so bad if the jokes worked. Most of them are childish and just fall flat. We are supposed to find funny the fact that Agent OSS 117 is a bumbling idiot and yet he still accomplishes what he needs to. We've seen that before, no? There are a few good one-liners but most of it is downright silly. Between the lack of story, the flat humour and the obnoxious characters I don't know what was most painful about the film

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