Payback – Straight Up: The Director’s Cut – Blu-Ray Edition

Porter (Mel Gibson – Braveheart, What Women Want) is having a bad day as his partner in crime, Val Resnick (Gregg Henry – Body Double, Slither), stabs him in the back (figuratively) and his wife Lynn (Deborah Kara Unger – Crash, Silent Hill) shoots him in the back (literally) twice. Resnick and Porter are robbing $140,000 and they plan to split it two ways, but Resnick needs $130,000 of that to pay off the Syndicate. He comes up with a plan in association with Porter's wife to kill Porter and take all the money. Unfortunately for everyone, except Porter, Porter survives and six months later comes back to exact revenge and get his $70,000. Getting a hold of Resnick is not difficult, but Porter discovers that he is going to have to go to the Syndicate to get his money. In association with former lover and high class prostitute, Rosie (Maria Biello – Coyote Ugly, The History of Violence), Porter hatches a plan to try and play one side against the other.

An older movie like this can really show you the benefits of Blu-Ray. The film looks great! Brian Helgeland, the director, is oddly more successful with his films that he merely writes (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River), while the film that both writes and directs are not as successful. This is not to say that you will not be entertained by this action film, but it is not of the higher quality of some of his other screenplays. Helgeland's (The Order, A Knight's Tale) cut is definitely different from the version we saw in the theatre as it is a little slower. There are still several twists and turns in the story which might keep you off balance. As far as violence goes the film is chock full of it and not the PG-13 type; it goes at it full tilt. It is a mixture of comedy and film noir that is filled with generally appealing characters. Gibson is excellent as the anti-hero that we cheer for. Though he is essentially a crook we want him to come out on top. Settle in for this entertaining gangster film which will have you wanting a career criminal who is not a good human being coming out on top.

Special Features:
-Making Of Documentaries
-Author Interview

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