Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t – The Complete Seventh Season

Magicians Penn & Teller don't shy away from anything in their television series that tries to get to the bottom of many different subjects. Nothing is too crass or lofty a topic for them. They use humour, confrontation or any trick in the book to get to the bottom of things and take on truths that society has long held to be true.

Episode 1: Orgasms: Do we really need bigger and better orgasms? Penn and Teller try to get some answers to that question by meeting with the inventor of a $12,000 remote-control orgasm machine, taking a lesson from a sex coach and learning how to unleash your inner erotic rock star.

Episode 2: Astrology: Many people, otherwise rational people, believe that our lives are governed by the positions of the sun, moon and the planets. Penn and Teller talk to astrologers to try and figure out if that is true.

Episode 3: Video Games: Many people in positions of power claim that playing video games results in teen violence. Penn and Teller try to prove that assertion is not true by giving a semi-automatic gun to a 9-year-old video game player.

Episode 4: Apocalypse: Following the Mayan calendar a growing number of people believe the claim that the Earth will end on December 21, 2012. Penn and Teller go with some investigators who travel to Mexico to try to uncover if there is any truth in this.

Episode 5: Lie Detectors: Lie detectors are used in many investigations and job interviews. Penn and Teller try to get to the bottom of the question of whether a machine can tell if a human is lying.

Episode 6: Organic Food: Penn and Teller take a close look at the organic food industry and see if it is everything that it claims to be.

Episode 7: Taxes: Penn and Teller demonstrate that the U.S. tax system is a complex one and largely unfair.

Episode 8: Lawns: Lawns? What could be interesting there you ask? Follow along with Penn and Teller as they go to a community where growing a certain type of grass is mandatory and a man who's brown lawn landed him in jail. Interested now?

Episode 9: Stress: Stress was thought of as a normal part of everyone's lives but now it has become a psychological condition. Treating stress has become big business. Penn and Teller investigate the myriad of treatments for stress.

Special Features: Californication Season 3 – Episodes 1 + 2

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