Perry Mason: Season 5 – Volume 2

One of the first and still best television crime dramas featuring the impossibly smart lawyer Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr). Always interesting cases and plenty of courtroom drama. To do battle against prosecutor Hamilton Burger (played by William Talman), Mason relies on help from secretary Della Reese (played by Barbara Hale) and private investigator Perry Drake (played by William Hopper). Timeless show with good acting and excellent writing.

Episode 1: The Case of the Shapely Shadow: As soon as a secretary puts a briefcase filled with money in a locker at the train station she is arrested by the police and charged with the murder of her boss.

Episode 2: The Case of the Captain's Coins: A marine expert is arrested for the murder of a company for which he is trying to prove his fiancée has rights to a portion of the proceeds.

Episode 3: The Case of the Tarnished Trademark: A Danish furniture maker, who sold his trademark to his designs to a con man who had promised to build a children's hospital with the profit, is charged with killing the thief.

Episode 4: The Case of the Glamourous Ghost: An amnesiac woman who was found by the police in the woods claims that she and her husband were hired to break up a smuggling ring.

Episode 5: The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal: A child's pen-pal letter is discovered to have contained insider information during a corporate takeover.

Episode 6: The Case of the Mystified Miner: A mine foreman is discovered dead. He worked for a mining company that was receiving large amounts of money sent to is by a female employee.

Episode 7: The Case of the Crippled Cougar: A paraplegic attempts to get payback on a man he blames for him being in a wheelchair but instead is set up for the man's murder.

Episode 8: The Case of the Absent Artist: The creator of a comic strip is murdered. Perry finds out that he had offered to sell his strip to another cartoonist because he stole the man's girlfriend.

Episode 9: The Case of the Melancholy Marksman: A man believes his adulterous second wife might have killed his first wife he thinks about revenge only to have someone kill her first.

Episode 10: The Case of the Angry Astronaut: A space test pilot accused of killing a rival pilot is defended by Perry.

Episode 11: The Case of the Borrowed Baby: A baby that is wearing a St. Christopher medal is left in Perry's office.

Episode 12: The Case of the Counterfeit Crank: An former client of Perry's is ruled to be incompetent and is institutionalized. He then escapes and becomes a suspect in his nephew's murder.

Episode 13: The Case of the Ancient Romeo: Perry and Della go out to the theatre but the night is interrupted by a murder.

Episode 14: The Case of the Promoter's Pillbox: An aspiring television writer, who is also a friend of Perry's, is arrested after the murder of the producer who had bought his script and tried to pass it off as his own.

Episode 15: The Case of the Lonely Eloper: Paul is hired to look after a girl who is about to inherit a lot of money. Somehow she eludes him and in that time is charged with a murder.

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