Planet Earth: The Complete Collection

Thought by most in the know to be the best series (Hey, it's BBC!) on the subject of our planet and its various inhabitants ever produced. It took 5 years to make and when you watch it you will understand why. The cinematography is stunning and the series contains footage you will have never seen before.

The series first aired in 2007 and was in 11 parts. None other than Sir Richard Attenborough provides the narration and each episode has a theme (covers a specific habitat found on Earth). Everything is done very logically and is easy to follow so it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Episode 1: Pole to Pole: You will be brought through the entire width and breadth of this big and beautiful planet. The features of the show are explained and a peek at what is coming up in future episodes.

Episode 2: Mountains: A chance to view some of the most impressive and largest mountain ranges in the world. We also get to watch the animal inhabitants of these ranges and see what they do on a daily basis to survive.

Episode 3: Ocean Deep: Plenty of the areas in the oceans on the planet have not ever been explored. This episode gives a look at some of those previously unknown areas and what lives in these waters.

Episode 4: Deserts: Deserts are quite unique and so are the animals that live in them. They have to deal with the arid climate and find ways to survive.

Episode 5: Ice Worlds: The Arctic and the Antarctic are explored. The creatures that live in these harsh and frigid environments are also investigated.

Episode 6: Shallow Seas: From coral reefs to gigantic humpback whales, these are the things that live in the sun warmed waters of the seas. As opposed to the oceans these waters tend to be calm and the creatures that live there need a different set of survival skills.

Episode 7: Great Plains: One quarter of the Earth's surface is covered by plains. Some of the world's largest animals call these areas their home. Special attention is paid to the predators that live there.

Episode 8: Jungles: Covering a tiny 3 percent of the Earth's surface jungles really have captured our imaginations. Despite their tiny size the jungles are home to over half the animal species in the world.

Episode 9: Fresh Water: There is not much fresh water on planet Earth but there are plenty of organisms that call this water their home. The surface of the planet has been greatly altered by fresh water, which has carved valleys and gorges.

Episode 10: Seasonal Forests: Though this is the area that Canadians might be most familiar with, season forests are still largely unexplored. They contain many different types of plants and animals.

Episode 11: Caves: Probably the most mysterious area of the planet is caves. Not many of us have ever been in one. Though they get little to no sunlight there are many different species living within them.

Special Features: Making Of, Planet Earth: The Future

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