Plastic Man: The Complete Collection

Another DC Comics super hero who had his own animated series. Plastic Man originally appeared in comic book form way back in 1941 and given his own animated series in the mid 70s.

This super hero has unique powers in that he can spring, stretch, fly, bounce, and change his shape. He pretty much can do anything that rubber can. Plastic Man got his powers after he was sprayed with an unidentified substance. After that substance entered his bloodstream physical changes began.

Joined on all his quirky adventures by his girlfriend Penny and his sidekick Hula Hula. Going around the globe to do battle with evil, Plastic Man adventures are not your garden variety but always funny.

Episode 1: The Miniscule Seven: Seven tiny villains known as The Miniscule Seven join and basketball tournament and Plastic Man is called in to investigate.

Episode 2: Superstein: On his vacation in Europe Plastic Man discovers that Dr. Superstein is causing some problems.

Episode 3: Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy: An ancient Aztec Queen tricks Plastic Man into helping her but before he can do anything she turns him into a mummy.

Episode 4: Ghostfinger: Ghostfinger has returned to get revenge on those who sent him to prison.

Episode 5: The Diabolical Dr. Dome: Dr. Dome has figured out a way to get powers out of Plastic Man.

Episode 6: The Weed: Plastic Man wages war against an evil plant.

Episode 7: Badladdin: A bad genie is kidnapping teenagers at an alarming rate and Plastic Man has to stop him.

Episode 8: Wham-Bam! Beware of the Clam!: A pirate using a machine to flood the streets of New York in order to rob banks.

Episode 9: The Horrible Half-Ape: A scientist who is working on a secret project is in trouble when it goes horribly wrong.

Episode 10: The Maniacal Computerhead: Computerhead has built a machine that can control any machine.

Episode 11: Doctor Duplicator Strikes Again: Doctor Duplicator is kidnapping politicians and replacing them with evil clones.

Episode 12: The Kitty Katt Caper: Kitty Katt discovers a serum that can turn people into cats.

Episode 13: The Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur: A giant dinosaur robs the Industry Bank and Plastic Man is called in to find it.

Episode 14: Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man: Count Graffiti wants revenge on the royal family of Ocentania so Plastic Man needs to stop him.

Episode 15: Empire of Evil: Plastic Man is sent to rescue the children of an important official from the Empire of Evil.

Episode 16: The Terrible 5 + 1: Five of Plastic Man's worst enemies are broken out of jail by the equally evil The Evil Solex.

Episode 17: Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape: Dr. Astro has built a huge plastic ape and Plastic Man is charged with the task of stopping it.

Episode 18: The Crime Costume Caper: Greta Grim has designed the ultimate villain suit and in order to sell it she films a commercial for it starring Plastic Man.

Episode 19: The Royal Gargoyle Foil: The Evil Gargoyle is going to attempt to steal Dr. Ventor's invisible ray machine.

Episode 20: Sale of the Century: A desperate salesman sells Earth to passing by aliens.

Episode 21: Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor: The diminutive Dr. Irwin discovers a meteor that turns him into the powerful Mr. Meteor.

Episode 22: City of Ice: Plastic Man has to stop Dr. Frost's evil plan to turn Earth into a planet of old people.

Episode 23: The Day the Ocean Disappeared: Dr. Honctoff is stealing the planet's water supply and Plastic Man has to figure out how to stop him.

Episode 24: Moonraider: Moonraider is stealing NASA spaceships from outer space.

Episode 25: Thunderman: Thunderman has stolen New York City and plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

Episode 26: Hugefoot: Hugefoot steals a machine that is able to see the future.

Episode 27: The Corruptible Carrot Man: Carrot Man has stolen a map that will lead him to the cosmic sceptre.

Episode 28: Dogmaster: Dog Master plans to steal a formula for a power ray that is hidden in a chimpanzee's brain.

Episode 29: Toyman: The Toyman is snatching famous people and planning to sell them as toys.

Episode 30: Honey Bee: The evil Honey Bee plans to use a heat missile in order to turn the world into a hot house.

Episode 31: The Hippotist: The Hippotist is hypnotizing bank managers in order to have them rob their own banks.

Episode 32: Highbrow: Highbrow steals the world's most famous trains in order to charge people to ride on them.

Episode 33: Joggernaught: Joggernaught wants to steal an energy machine in order to locate the treasure of the Amazon City of Gold.

Episode 34: The Colossal Crime of Commodore Peril: Plastic Man goes up against a villain who always seems to have the upper hand on him.

Episode 35: The Spider Takes a Bride: Queen Katherine's followers are being turned into flies one by one until she agrees to marry Spider.

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