Popular: The Complete Second Season

Despite being the most popular girl in school, Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) does not have it easy. A few years back, her mother left home leaving Brooke and her father behind. As luck would have it, Brooke's father fell for the mother of one of Brooke's classmates: Samantha McPherson (Carly Pope). Eventually the 2 families became one, followed by great amounts of conflict between the 2 girls. As luck would have it the girls are complete opposites: Brooke being the head of the Glamazon's (the most popular clique in school), and Sam merely a social outcast.

Over the course of season 1, the girls managed to accept their differences and get along for the sake of their family. Season 2 presents some new problems, along with reoccurring conflicts of social status. The show is surprisingly focused on family issues. One of the defining moments of the season is when Brooke's mom decides she wants to get back together with Brooke's father, causing Sam and her mother to flee. Another parental issue comes about when fellow Glamazon Nicole (Tammy Lynn) meets her biological mother for the first time. Nicole's adopted mother becomes jealous that Nicole is spending so much time with her biological mother.

This series is not only about serious issues, there is definitely enough lighthearted fun to balance out the deep stuff. As its name suggests, "Popular" really emphasizes the ridiculous nature of popularity. Most of the comedy is delivered via Glamazon wannabe Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman). You'll be on the floor laughing when you see just what this clueless airhead will do in the name of popularity!

Special Features:

-Popularity Contest: take this quiz to see just how much you know about the show.
-Audio Commentary: the cast speak about the taping of the show.

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